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India’s traditional, natural system of health and medicine Yoga and Ayurveda has been practiced for more than 5,000 years. Yoga is the union between the mind and the body. Ayurveda is the science of life. Both are traditionally practiced together. One-on-one without the other is only half the benefit. Together they provide a naturally sustainable method to maintain health and wellbeing.

Yoga is a science, a philosophy of life.

By practicing Yoga Ayurveda therapy we enhance our physical well-being, mental peace, harmony, moral elevation and become spiritually uplifted.

Each person is unique

Sam pidgeon pose

Ayurveda states disease comes in six stages and Yoga provides the bridge to listen to our bodies messages. 

Ayurveda holds that specific disease conditions are symptoms of an underlying imbalance. It does not neglect relief of these symptoms, but its main focus is on the big picture. With Yoga and Ayurveda we learn to listen deeply and restore balance. Likewise we begin to create such a healthy lifestyle that the imbalance won’t occur again. 

Yoga is a conduct, an attitude and an approach, as well as an art of living.

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Consideration for each persons individuals dosha (body type) Vata, Pita or Kapha. With this knowledge a the natural healing approaches and recommendations for daily living are determined. This method is in alignment with modern science which views individuals as unique in the universe, with a unique DNA.

Take responsibility for your health with Yoga and Ayurveda therapy

Ayurveda teaches us to take responsibility for our health. We have so many options to choose from and choosing wisely will enable you to live a full life. In contrast poor choices makes life smaller. As the years go by without listening to what we need, we are left to rely on others.

Every day of our lives, every hour of every day, we can, and do, choose either health or illness. When we choose wisely, nature rewards us with health and happiness.

When we persistently choose unwisely, nature, in her wisdom, eventually sets us straight. Unfortunately she makes us sick and gives us a chance to rest and rethink our choices.

Living in harmony with nature, the seasons and your body is living a balanced life. You will learn to listen deeply to your body and choose food, places, people and things that suit your dosha.

Yoga Ayurveda combined

About Zoe Campbell

Zoe is a Yoga Ayurveda therapist and the founder of Computer Coach Australia. Juggling life as a mother, carer and business woman Zoe has worked with technology for over 30 years. She can guide you to implement Yoga and Ayurveda into your daily life.

Zoe Campbell Yoga Ayurveda therapist

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