Ayurveda helps with Hormonal Imbalances

Hormonal imbalances can create many problems for women and for myself once menopause came into my life it was a huge relief as I said to myself “is that what that was all about -lol.” Ayurveda helps to treat hormonal imbalances and offers natural every day options for relief.  Learn about Ayurveda here.

Do you experience

  • bloating,
  • menstrual problems,
  • acne,
  • swollen glands,
  • mood swings,
  • anxiety,
  • insomnia
  • and aches and pains?

Below we have listed some Ayurveda everyday remedies for you ideas to try. 

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Take one tablespoonful of aloe vera gel with two pinches of black pepper orally three times a day until cramps disappear. Aloe vera is a good blood purifier and in this way benefits the liver. Menstrual cramps can often be a result of hormonal imbalances and Ayurveda combined with Yoga provides natural relief.

It is also important to take it easy and be gentle on yourself by refraining from any strenuous exercise. In Yoga we advise people not to do any inverted positions. Also it is best not to wash your hair at during this time, or wear a hat to keep the head warm.


Acne is often caused hormonal imbalance, incorrect diet or stress. Some everyday Ayurveda tips you can try are to apply turmeric and sandalwood powder paste externally. Half a teaspoonful of each and adding sufficient water will make a paste. Also another idea is to take a half cupful of aloe vera juice internally two times per day until acne clears.

Pita is often associated with Acne – eat a Pita pacifying diet to cool the digestive system. This in turn will cool the blood and the results will be clearer skin. One of the main things you can do to reduce acne is look at your digestion and diet. 

 Drinking warm water each morning with spices such as cardamon, fennel or ginger is another way to keep the skin clear.

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Gargle with hot water mixed with one-fourth teaspoonful of turmeric powder and a pinch of salt. Echinacea tincture, 10-30 drops every few hours, is excellent for a severe sore throat.

Yoga shoulder stands and inverted postures refresh the glands around the throat. Also drink lots of water and keep a scarf around your neck and head warm. Hot lemon juice with a tsp of ginger and 1/2 tsp of turmeric every morning (for Vata and Kapha) can prevent sore throats.

Often we can find that our immunity is low if we have allowed ourselves to get run down, with not enough sleep, eating irregularly or working too much. Sunshine fresh air and rest is best a sore throat can be a sign of ill health coming so you need to nip it in the bud.


A cold literally means you have let yourself get cold. Some useful Ayurveda home remedies are as follows. Boil one teaspoonful of ginger powder in one quart of water and inhale the steam. Eucalyptus leaves boiled in the same way are also excellent for the relief of colds as is the oil as an inhalant. Apply eucalyptus oil to the sides of the nose to help to relive congestion. Keep the body and head warm. Eat warming soups and keep up the fluids. Get plenty of rest and keep out of the wind.

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Fresh coriander juice has anti-pita properties and is used to help purify the blood. Prepare a tea from the seeds and pour hot water over a strainer in the water to make an infusion. It is also useful for gas and nausea. Turmeric is also a good blood purifier that can be added to high-protein food to assist digestion and prevent the formation of gas.

Yoga combined with Ayurveda “live-online” classes

At Yoga Works for Over 40s we help people over the age of 40 transition through life using natural and sustainable methods to maintain a healthy body and mind. Often hormonal imbalances are torturous for many women and their partners and we combine both Yoga with Ayurveda to bring relief to every day problems.

We hope you got some great Ayurvedic everyday tips you can easily incorporate into your life to balance your hormones.

We provide 3 live-online classes a week to show you how to bring Yoga and Ayurveda into your life on a daily basis. Yoga does not just become something you just do once a week on the mat. If you would like more information you can call Zoe on +61 407 956 071 or leave your name here and we will contact you.

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