Ayurveda and Sesame Oil for pain relief

Sesame oil Ayurveda and Yoga are just the best there are so many benefits. Sesame oil is one of the most widely and commonly used products in Ayurveda. Likewise sesame oil has also been esteemed for thousands of years by Mediterranean and cultures known for their longevity. The nutrient-rich sesame seed itself is a symbol of prosperity and health in ancient folklore. Also the benefits of sesame oil are highly touted in various Ayurvedic regimens, the most popular being for massage.

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Benefits of sesame oil

Sesame seed is rich in a number of nutrients, including calcium, copper, manganese, iron, zinc, thiamine, and magnesium. It also contains a good bit of dietary fibre, supporting a healthy colon.

There are many benefits in using sesame oil in Ayurveda. It has been used to support numerous health systems in the body, including the nervous system, bones and muscles, skin and hair, the digestive tract including the colon, and the male and female reproductive system.

benefits of sesame oil

The sesame seed, from an Ayurvedic perspective, is sweet, pungent, astringent, and bitter, and has a heating effect. In fact its greatest benefit is in balancing Vata. The healing nature of sesame can also be good for Kapha, though you must be careful in cases of excess Kapha as it is also heavy and building. It grows in a dry climate, and in turn, is beneficial when the dry quality is in excess.

Sesame oil is a boon to humanity!

Nourishing, calming and warming, sesame oil has so many benefits and is a fundamental part of the nurturing Ayurvedic massage tradition of India. In face self-massage with sesame oil is highly recommended for these benefits:

Bolsters your ability to handle stress

Promotes physical strength

Nourishes muscles & bones

Supports a comfortable joint movement

Promotes sound sleep patterns

Supports the intellect & nervous system

Nourishes skin and hair

Pain relief for knees

Modern research of sesame oil

Sesame seeds and sesame oil have been the subject of a number of studies around the world, including those which show potential benefits on maintaining healthy blood glucose levels and appropriate blood pressure, as well as having antioxidant properties. Studies have also shown a beneficial effect on the liver.

Contraindications of sesame oil

Sesame seed and oil should be avoided from an Ayurveda perspective if there is excess heat in the body, as well as high ama (toxic build up) or congestion.

Learn more about Ayurveda and sesame oil for internal cleansing.

In addition to massage, traditional Ayurvedic uses of sesame oil include the following:

Oil pulling in the mouth

Swish in the mouth to support strong teeth and gums. It has also been shown in a study to reduce the number of bacteria in the mouth.

Used to lubricate and support the bowel and soften the stool

As a vaginal douche to help maintain healthy vaginal balance

Used for local massage to reduce Vata

Warm massage on the abdomen can help reduce imbalanced Vata in the abdomen.

Abhyanga oil massage

To use sesame oil as a part of your Ayurveda massage routine, follow these instructions:

Place the sesame oil in a smaller container ( I use a small metal bowl)

Place the bottle in a pot of hot water to warm the oil

Test the oil before using to make sure it is not too hot

Undress and stay in a warm room

Use a towel that you don’t mind getting oily (or I use paper towels)

Pour small amounts of oil into your palm, and start massaging your scalp and face with circular strokes

Be sure to massage the ears and place some warm oil in the ears

Massage the rest of the body using long strokes on the limbs and long areas of the body, like the back and front side

Start at the extremities and move towards the centre of the body

Use circular strokes on the joints, and don’t forget to give attention to the small joints

Use circular strokes on the chest and abdomen

After you have completed the self-nurturing massage, enjoy a warm shower or bath, taking care not to slip with oily feet

The warm oil seeps inside the body from the massage giving a really soothing effect

Ayurveda and Yoga pain relief

Note: sesame oil can stain the carpet and other floor types – clothes will stretch out of shape, even if wiped off after the shower – the shower will eventually clog, it is best to use a filter, its impossible to get the oil out of the towel, so best to use paper towels.

Promoting healthy sleep

To promote healthy sleep patterns, massage the scalp and soles of the feet with sesame oil before bedtime and you will experience one of the many benefits of sesame oil.

benefits of Sesame oil Ayurveda

Daily oral routine benefits of sesame

Using sesame oil as a part of your daily oral routine, take one tablespoon of oil in the morning, and swish around in the mouth. Do not gargle, and do not swallow

Swish for 20 minutes (you may need to build up to this), allowing the oil and your saliva to make a yellowish mixture in your mouth

Spit, and rinse out the mouth with warm water

You can follow by rinsing with a mouthwash or brushing to remove any leftover residue.

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We also provide one-on-one private Yoga Therapy for Pain relief where we work with you one-on-one in a 4 step process as follows:-

Yoga Therapy Coaching for Pain relief

Stage 1 Reducing pain and inflammation

Consultation and physical assessment. Incremental exercises and changes are implemented to reduce the pain and inflammation.  (3 x 1 hour)

Stage 2 Building Strength

A regular Yoga Therapy practice will reduce the inflammation and now we move on to developing strength and flexibility in the body and mind. (3 x 1 hour)

Stage 3 – Digestion

This part of the program will review your dosha and suggest diet guidelines to reduce any imbalance in your system. (3 x 1 hour optional)

Stage 4 – Maintenance

Now the injury has been healed we then move into a regular maintenance of your body with the  weekly Yoga Therapy classes to prevent the condition reoccurring. 

A Yoga Therapy program will look at how you use your body, your daily rhythms and diet in order to understand why you have the problem. From this information treat the symptom by guiding you towards recovery in three stages that will reduce the pain and any inflammation and build strength and flexibility. Each program is designed to suit your unique needs.

For more information on how to use sesame or the best way to combine Yoga and Ayurveda give Zoe a call +61407 956 071.

At Yoga Works for Over 40s we run three live-online classes followed by a Q&A. Each class will help you learn to integrate the tools of Yoga and Ayurveda into your daily life. The three classes are at pivotal times of the day. Good Morning Yoga therapy at 7:30 – 8:15 am – Lunchtime Chair Yoga at noon – and Sleepy Time Yoga Ayurveda Therapy at 8:30 to 9:15pm.

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