Decades of research have shown that an integrated approach combining the kinaesthetic, emotional and cognitive is an optimal treatment option for addiction. A multi-modality intervention including yoga, breathing techniques and meditation is a front line strategy for rehab and recovery.

Disorders of mood affect, and obsessive-compulsive behaviour are grouped together under the heading of addiction. These conditions arise out of similar symptom patterns and yield to similar treatments. These essentially physical problems require a spiritual solution – an integration of coming together of body, mind and spirit.

The solid and proven 12 Step Program is suggested as a basic Recovery Toolbox. What is called for is a Spiritual Awakening! Nothing less, so states Alcoholics Anonymous. Healing the wounded body, bringing balance to the troubled mind and remembering the forgotten self are similar. The goal to living a good life and following one’s highest calling is central to both Yoga and Recovery.

Acceptance and surrender can be heard in every word and whisper.

Information taken from The 12 Step Restorative Yoga Workbook by Jon Platania Phd and Joe Lee