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Answers to your questions

I have never done any yoga will this suit me?

Yes, we are highly experienced and work with people at all stages of their journey

How many years has Zoe been practicing and teaching yoga?

Her Yoga Ayurveda journey started in 1984,  she lives this lifestyle

Digital Detox programs what do they entail

Zoe has first hand experience of push technologies and understands the success of the computer industry is based on the addictive nature and waste of time and life screens command. How many times have you found yourself spending more time plugged in that you had planned? As a result we have developed many tools that can help the busy professional manage daily stresses of the phone, computer, tablet and TV screens

What types of special needs clients has Zoe worked successfully with?

There is hardly any condition that Zoe has not had the privilege to help with. She has lived experience with her brother who had an acquired brain injury and chronic epilepsy. She has worked with seniors and many clients with disabilities, mental health issues, homelessness, indigenous Australians, trauma survivors, PTSD plus more.

Can I just get help to re digital detoxing?

Yes that is totally up to you

If you have any other questions please drop us a line at or call on +61 407 956 071 - we would loved to hear from you.

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