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The tools Zoe uses to bring balance to her life are Yoga,  Ayurveda and Recovery.  She has been incorporating the world's oldest and most complete systems of natural wholistic healing into her professional  life for over 30 years. She follows the guidelines and has maintained excellent health during her professional life in the technology industry. As such Zoe founded Computer Coach Australia and runs a coaching service for everyone on everything computers.

In fact Zoe used to be office-bound, stay up late at night, and function purely on adrenaline. As a result she felt the crippling lack of peace in her body and mind.  In spite of a natural inclination towards eating healthy foods, she needed to find a sustainable way to live.

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Then one day in the mid 1980's Zoe passed by a yoga studio called “Vivant” across the road from her busy IT recruitment office in Sydney. Equally important the Yoga studio based their teachings on the internationally renowned yoga teacher BKS Iyengar which laid the perfect foundation of alignment and precision to base her further studies upon. In this peaceful Yoga sanctuary her life was changed for the better and a passion for natural health was born.

Initially during her lunch breaks and then after work as well, she would go to the studio. Consequently she learnt about Yoga Ayurveda Therapy to detox the body including yoga, breathing, meditation and relaxation. Likewise she learnt how it feels to be healthy starting point to come back to when out of sync with life.

As a result she knows how to integrate Yoga and Ayurveda into her daily life. Therefore her practice built on a relationship she started with the ancient philosophy of yoga years before.

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The yoga journey to health

Zoe first learned about Yoga, retreating from technology overload on a houseboat in Kashmir in 1984. It was in Pune, India on her way to Srinagar, where she purchased her first Yoga book -  ‘Light on Yoga’ by BKS Iyengar. Consequently she would go into a private houseboat room and work through the asanas (exercises). In fact it was there in the Himalayas she learnt to use the skills of Yoga to detox from a digital overload.

The Iyengar Yoga style is based on precision. This was the perfect foundation for Yoga to enter into Zoe's life. Likewise a big element of the Iyengar style requires focusing the mind on the body. Above all this brought a sense of peace to her mind.

Zoe began to see the value of listening to what her body and mind needed.  The stretching and strengthening asanas, pranayama (breathing) and meditation (mindfulness) were just what she needed. Together they form a bridge between the body and mind. In  like fashion this ultimately started Zoe on integrating Yoga and Ayurveda into her life.

Yoga Ayurveda Therapy

Zoe’s experience in the corporate tech world, with people who have special needs and her life journey is immeasurable. In particular she can empathise with many people whose mind and bodies crave a healthy balance.

In 1990 Zoe took her first Yoga Teachers training in Hatha Yoga. This was with the first wave of Yoga teachers in Sydney.  Anne Sharpen from Triad Yoga School was aligned with the IYTA.

In 2004 Zoe took off to India to study Ayurveda. For this reason Zoe says Yoga and Ayurveda are the complete package. One without the other is only half the benefit. Combining the both can give each unique person a recipe on how to live. Likewise Ayurveda has helped Zoe learn to accept people based on their dosha (body type). In fact each dosha has strengths and limitations. In fact these affect all aspects of life and are  attributed to what we choose to ingest through our senses.

Combining Yoga and Ayurveda

Like that yoga studio in the centre of Sydney, Zoe makes Yoga Ayurveda Therapy accessible to everyone. Yet she does this in the tradition of the ancient Indian teachings combining Yoga and Ayurveda. As a result her skills developed in Australia and abroad on many study trips to India that followed. Consequently t does not matter your age, state of health or condition everyone can benefit.

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Zoe is more than a yoga teacher; she is a Yoga Ayurveda Therapist. She knows how to incorporate both these traditions into daily life. Equally important she deeply understands not only how to navigate an unbalanced professional life and transform grief. Accordingly she has a favourite book by Stephen Levine is- "Who Dies".

Zoe has a lived experience with people with special needs. Her brother suffered an acquired brain injury at 7 years of age, when she was only a baby. Consequently from this life changing experience she has developed deep empathy for people experiencing life challenges. Above all she has the rare intuitive ability to connect with many types of people challenged by life.

Busy lifestyles benefit from learning Yoga and Ayurveda

After losing her first son, Zoe dived into an understanding of her inner self and loves to process her experiences using the tools of transpersonal therapy and other recovery programs. Incorporating Buddhist meditation helped Zoe to unpack life events. She transformed herself using self-development and transpersonal work. Losing a child can be a very deep and transformative change to a person’s life.

As a result Zoe began to understand the patterning of her life. Just like a jigsaw puzzle the elements came together.  Out of this we have an excellent coach for people managing stress, anxiety, grief, money, addiction, trauma and post-traumatic stress.

Yoga Ayurveda Therapy

Life experiences increase empathy

From her own life journey, bringing up her son Samuel, who was born in 1990, Zoe completed a BA Dip Ed as a single mom.

Zoe is the founder of Computer Coach Australia.  Providing training and support for business professionals, seniors and clients with special needs in everything computers.  As well as the founder of Yoga Ayurveda Recovery she assists busy people balance their lives using sustainable health practices. She has deep empathy for Aboriginal Australians, the land and wildlife.

Certifications and experience

Australian Association of Yoga Therapists | Svastha Yoga Ayurveda Therapist | Hatha Yoga Teacher | BA Dip Education Technology / Special needs

Yoga Therapist


1985 – 1990 Iyengar Yoga student, Sydney

1990 – 1992 Hatha Teacher Training, Vedas, Triad Yoga, Sydney

1993 – 1999 BA Dip Education – Special needs – Information Technology

2004 –  2005 Yoga & Ayurveda Svastha Therapy, level I, Sydney

2005  – Yoga & Ayurveda Svastha Therapy, level II, Chennai, India

2006 – Ayurveda Level I Certification, Coonor, India

2011 – Ayurveda Course, Goa, India

2016 – 2018 Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy, Sydney

2018 – Registered Yoga Therapist – Australian Association of Yoga Therapy

2020-2021 Ayurvedic Healing - David Frawley

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I am grateful to have met some inspiring and nurturing teachers on my journey towards the self  - Anne Sharpen, Lynda Glen, Sally Flynn, Annette Loudin and Janet from Vivant Iyengar Yoga

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