Benefits of Yoga

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga and Ayurveda Therapy for over 40s has many benefits.  However for some people a regular Yoga practice once a week may not be enough to improve an existing condition. A weekly group class is often set to suit the group rather than the individual. Again this is not suitable for someone with special needs.

Having said that there are many benefits to be gained attending a weekly group yoga class. Learning to create your own practice is difficult to do on your own.  Additionally people can struggle with motivation and there is always something else to do rather than just stop.

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A regular Yoga practice grows as you do

A regular practice grows and transforms as you improve. This is the traditional way Yoga was taught. With our Yoga Works for Over 40s online classes you will experience including Ayurveda into your daily life. In fact you will begin to notice how deeply works into all aspects of your mind body.

In Yoga you learn to listen to your bodies symptoms and needs. Every asana is best done by focusing on the breath.  Consequently the practice becomes the bridge between the body & the mind. Conscious breathing during Yoga creates a “meditation of movement.”

Most people who practice yoga on a regular basis - (and this can be as simple as learning to sit up and walk straight) - experience many immediate health benefits that go deep into their internal organs.

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Yoga clears blockages in the body

By connecting your mind with your body, you will learn and locate any blockages in your system. Blockages are created through stress, toxins, insufficient nutrients, poor posture etc. You then have the opportunity to take action. This might mean adding something to your diet, focusing on a particular breathing method, adding certain exercises into your regime etc.

Yoga is a science, a philosophy of life, a code of conduct,  an attitude and an approach.

Yoga is a lifestyle that integrates into everyday life, you will begin to notice how  your health improves and your mind becomes balanced away from extreme highs and lows. Likewise making the body feel and look good is not Yoga. Initially many people are attracted to Yoga for the physical effects. However in time they soon realise the practice is far deeper than this. A regular yoga practice can be something we can do to benefit our whole life.

Pineal gland

Read the positive effects of a regular Yoga practice on the pineal gland. All it takes is your willingness to become empowered to learn the basic tools Yoga can bring into your life. Willingness is the first step to change, we don't need to have to work out how things will work - they will magically just flow.

Sitting for prolonged periods of time is a danger to our health

Today our lives are very full. Most of us are sitting for prolonged periods of time, at a desk in front of a screen. This is hazardous to our health. Combining Yoga with Ayurveda provides tools to help with this massive onslaught of technology that we all face.

We see people plugged into screens everywhere we go. This is a constant invasion to your body and mind.  Many of us sense the symptoms and limitations of technology overuse. Despite our best intentions not to look at a screen, before long we are at it again. Technology is a business and apps are created to be addictive. Often hours have passed and for some people they are left feeling unfulfilled. The to do list does not go away by itself.

Check out your digital overload symptoms and see if any of these apply to you.

The most important lesson Yoga and Ayurveda teaches is that - your health is up to you

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