* SOLD OUT* Live-Online Yoga Therapy Classes

$69.00 / month

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3  classes a week x 4 weeks

Good Morning Yoga – Monday’s 7:30 to 8:15am

Chair Yoga Lunchtime – Wednesday’s  12 to 12:45 noon

Sleepy time Yoga – Thursday’s 8:30 to 9:15pm

Introductory offer $69

Usual price $100


What you get in our Yoga Works for over 40’s ‘live-online’ classes

  • A Senior Yoga Ayurveda Therapist with over 30 years training and experience
  • Feel better than you ever have
  • Develop strength, flexibility and energy
  • Breathe and sleep better
  • Gather tools to soothe anxiety, restlessness and depression
  • Learn to integrate Yoga on a daily basis
  • Discover the ‘science of life’ with Ayurveda
  • In fact,  learn how to stay healthy and feel 10 years younger!
  • “Live-online” Yoga Ayurveda therapy comes to you in comfort

Of course, you will be able to see Zoe and follow along. There is a Q and A session re class after the morning and lunch time sessions.

The subscription process

In order to access Yoga Ayurveda Therapy for over 40’s online classes, we have set up an easy to follow process for your subscription that auto renews. You’ll do this process just once. Your payment will auto renew on the same date each month. Thereafter you will receive a tax invoice.

Note: You can opt out of your subscription at any time by clicking here.

How to opt out

  1. Log into your My account page and go to
  2. Subscriptions then click on
  3. View click on
  4. Actions and
  5. Change auto renewal to manual


Unfortunately, once you leave, you will no longer receive class notifications or access to our private Facebook group and the introductory price may not still be on offer.

Yoga for the elderly

Read more about our class here

The teacher

Yoga therapy Yoga works with Zoe


Read how to be best prepared for your class

Contact Zoe at yogaworksforover40s@gmail.com.

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 Reviews of Yoga over 40’s live-online classes

Just letting you know Zoe, I have been able to take time out to do my deep breathing every day this week. It is making a big difference to my life. Thank you so much!
Love Fiona
I am really enjoying your classes, they are so sophisticated. I also set up my yoga space. It is a WIP. I am adding items that mean the world to me. Thanks Zoe for suggesting this it is a good thing to do, now it seems so obvious.
Love Karen

I consider it my privilege to share a note of deep appreciation & gratitude towards Zoe. She is an exceptional Yoga Therapist whose Yoga sessions have proved instrumental in my overcoming of debilitating muscular pain, which had persisted for many years until I attended Zoe’s therapy sessions. No wonder, I cant now imagine my life without regularly attending Zoe’s sessions. For me – she is a friend, a therapist & a confidante. All rolled into one. I highly recommend Zoe if your looking for a Yoga Therapist who can turn your life around for good, look no further than Zoe.  Love Laju 

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