Yoga Therapy for Pain Relief Program



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Our Yoga Therapy for Pain Relief Program is suited for people with:-

Chronic pain and injury

Anxiety or stress

Untreatable illnesses

Digestive sluggishness and bloating

Menopausal symptoms

Insomnia and mood changes

Unsure if the side effects are the condition or treatments

We work with you in a series of 9 one-on-one sessions to design a program  to manage the pain in your life. Each practice will also be given to you in a video format for you to replay at home. You will learn to bring your Yoga into your daily life, just as simply as breathing. All you need is your willingness to make these small and incremental changes in your life. And we will support and encourage you all the way. 

Zoe Campbell Yoga Ayurveda therapist

You deserve one-to-one support as we work with your unique needs such as:-  postural alignment, strength, flexibility, digestive issues and making choices. Experience relief from your pain, with no nasty side effects, in a safe and natural way.  

 Fine out more and book in your free 15 minute call and discuss your needs with by contacting  Zoe our Senior Yoga Ayurveda therapist at or call +61 407956071

Enquire about our optional Sancrox Yoga Ayurveda retreat where you will receive that special one-on-one treatment as traditionally taught. 

Yoga Ayurveda Therapy is taught the traditional way, one-to-one

Yoga Therapy for Pain Relief Program

Receive 9 hours of individualised care spaced out over a number of weeks are as follows. 

Stage 1 Reducing pain and inflammation includes:-

Consultation to discuss your current challenges

Physical assessment

Postural alignment

Practices adjusted to suit your unique needs

As your condition improves we build on your last practice

Incremental exercises to reduce your pain and inflammation

Breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques

yoga therapy pain relief

Stage 2 Building Strength and flexibility
 Working with your bodies strengths and weaknesses we design an exercise, breathing and relaxation foundational program to build upon.  Gradually you will experience relief from pain and begin to feel more flexible and energised. 

Stage 3 – Digesting life

Our Yoga Therapy for Pain Relief Program reviews your Ayurvedic constitution (dosha) including any digestive or emotional imbalances as well as:-

Dietary guidelines

Lifestyle suggestions to enhance your ability to digest life

Cooking demonstration the most important meal of the day

Recipes to bring your self to a state of digestive health

Knowledge of the spices and oils that suit your body type

Ayurvedic tips and tricks to integrate into your daily life


Stage 4 – Ongoing Maintenance

Just like a car we need to maintain our body and mind. Now you have the tools  to relieve your pain and to maintain ongoing health and wellbeing. You are able to view some of our class videos here. This will help to  prevent any future pain or injury reoccurring.

In our classes you have the opportunity to join a group of conscious people. There are enormous benefits to gain from a community of like minded people on the same path  implementing the natural and sustainable practices of Yoga and Ayurveda will keep you young and vibrantly engaged in life. 

Yoga Ayurveda Live online classes

Have you tried other traditional methods with no lasting results?

Each exercise (asana) is given to you in a specific sequence that changes as you change.  You will learn to scan your body and calm your nervous system. Begin to notice and release blocked and wasted energy. As well as, know when you are tightening and constricting muscles and circulation before it compounds into an illness or injury.

The result  of your Yoga Therapy for Pain Relief Program is that you will know how to use your breath, body and mind to reduce pain.  

Therefor an additional sign of prosperity will be when you can share this knowledge with your loved ones. Likewise, it is when we give away what we have gained is when we make space to receive more. As a result life becomes abundant and expansive. 


Emotional healing with Yoga therapy

Benefits of having Yoga Ayurveda Therapy coaching

Coaching in Yoga and Ayurveda therapy will  help you to live your life to the fullest. The  list is really endless of the conditions Yoga and Ayurveda can naturally help. Zoe has lived and experienced the many benefits of these practices. A positive result does not depend on your age or condition. The results of a regular Yoga practice are:-

Expansive increase in your vitality

Immunity improves

Slowing down the ageing process

Lifelong tools to manage any pain

Improving your sleep

Developing acceptance, clarity and peace of mind

Building strength and flexibility

Calming your nervous system

Stimulate and soothe your digestive system 

Removing toxic waste

Breathing and mindfulness is developed

Confidence and independence increases as you are empowered to manage your health and wellbeing.


Yoga therapy pain relief


Once you have progressed from pain to recovery, we recommend you sign up for our  Yoga for over 40’s online maintenance classes.

Learn more about our personalised one-on-one Yoga Ayurveda retreat stay here. 

If you are interested to discover how our Yoga Therapy for Pain Relief Program will help you – then book a free 15 min call to discuss if this program is right for you with  Zoe our Senior Yoga Ayurveda therapist  on +61 407 956 071 or email