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In our Yoga Ayurveda Therapy programs we work with you one-on-one over several sessions to design a program that will improve the quality of your life.

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Yoga means union between the mind and the body. Often people have no connection or sense that what they are doing is harmful to their health. 

Yoga helps us to connect and listen deeply to your bodies messages. The exercises (asanas) combined with breath awareness (pranayama) create an inward focus. Similar to a meditation (mindfulness) of movement. Likewise we begin to notice the law of cause and effect. 

Ayurveda the science of life views each individual as similar to the DNA theory. Likewise no two people are alike. In Ayurveda there is a strong focus on digestion and using food as medicine. We focus on what we take in via our senses the mouth, nose, eyes, ears and skin.

Yoga and Ayurveda Therapy combined provide a natural way to keep the body and mind in the best possible condition. As a result you will have the health and wellbeing to achieve your dreams. In that way your life will continue to be expansive, rather than contract.

Therefore being supported and encouraged to make small changes to your posture and lifestyle improves the quality of your life. Yoga combined with Ayurveda as a Therapy relieves conditions such as:-





Muscular injuries




Emotional instability

Skin irritations

Bad Breath


Low energy

Respiratory constrictions

Abdominal issues

Gynaecological problems

plus more……

Everyone can benefit from adjusting their body alignment around every day activities. This awareness will prevent aches, pains and injuries occurring. Yoga teaches us the often overlooked commonsense behaviours such as how to breathe, sit, walk and stand upright. By limiting the strain on the body and mind energy is preserved.

Does your day start and end looking at a screen? Look around you at who isn’t absorbed by a screen and often the parents are the worst. When the body is hunched over the breath becomes constricted. In turn this compresses the digestive tract and toxins accumulate. The circulation will become blocked and this will get stored in the tissues of the body. Symptoms will appear such as sore eyes, back, neck and shoulders. Life becomes exhausting and stress and anxiety increases. As a result of the stress and anxiety, sleep becomes disturbed. Fear, anger or lethargy can follow as life becomes harder and joyless.

It is no coincidence, that by committing to a regular Yoga practice – which incidentally touches each person far deeper than the body and mind, conditions such as these will improve. :-

Low energy and overwhelm

Feeling frazzled with no space for self care

Symptoms of menopause

Limitations from chronic pain or injury

Stress, insomnia or anxiety

Really the list can be endless, as everyone no matter their age or condition benefits from Yoga Ayurveda Therapy. Gently we guide you to reconnect with your body through your breath.  

The breath is the metronome of your life

Donna Farhi

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Yoga for over 40s online

At Yoga Works for Over 40s our programs are:-

Yoga Ayurveda Therapy Refresh Program, Yoga for over 40’s live-online classes and

Yoga Therapy for Pain Relief programs.

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