Food is medicine

Ayurveda recognises our food as a form of medicine. Likewise stating the pantry is the natural form of the medicine cabinet. We need to be in tune with our bodies signals of what does and doesn’t suit our system.

Discover your dosha here by taking our dosha test at Bondi Yoga Therapy. It is good to know what foods suit your digestive system. Some people have a fast digestive system with a strong agni to move the food quickly through their body. These types miss out on absorbing the nutrients from the food and they feel hungry often. The stomach feels empty and burning and this can effect their temperament.

Digestive system

Then there are others who have a slow digestive system which does not move the food through. They are prone to a toxic build up in their system from the rotting food that can sit there for days at a time. They can benefit from eating food that is easier to digest.

Today in the supermarkets we can purchase foods from all over the world. These foods can be out of season which can have a problem with our digestive system. As it is out of tune with our environment. Our body functions best when we eat seasonal foods.  Then food we eat can benefit us.

Digestion is not just limited to what we eat. We are also effected by sounds, smells, sights, and many other energies. Listening to our body and working in tune with the environment and knowing what is vexatious to our spirit is a form of self love.


By Zoe

Yoga Ayurveda Therapist | Computer Coach Australia - Modern day women using the ancient tools and techniques to bring balance in the digital world

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