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Yoga Therapy Pain relief program & retreat option

There are a great many types of chronic pain that can start troubling you in later stages of life. Often this is regardless of how active or sedentary your lifestyle is. They can greatly restrict your mobility and impact your everyday life. As well as contribute to stress if the pain is permanent or widespread. Depending on how lucky you are, you may be enduring pain from multiple sources or none at all! Our Yoga Therapy Pain relief program shows you how to use the natural and sustainable methods of Yoga and Ayurveda.

Whatever your current situation is, these ailments could be just around the corner. It is so important to take measures and get in shape before they do! This is precisely what we strive to achieve at Yoga Works For Over 40’s. We work closely with you to help you get ahead of any potential problems and relieve any pain you might already have.

In our introductory offer the new Yoga Therapy Pain relief program. With this program you will be given all the attention and guidance you need. Learn to make every day changes that are natural and sustainable with no nasty side effects. However, before trying to address the issue, it’s important to establish what kind of pain you’re dealing with. Read below about some of the more common types of pain.

Yoga Therapy Pain relief program


You’ll have a hard time finding someone who didn’t face some kind of back-related pain during their life. Back pain boils down to a misalignment in some segments of the musculoskeletal system. Through yogic breathing and relaxation asanas, we can remove the inflammation. Often this will prevent the pain from spreading.

Back pain, just like most other types, also has an emotional element that negatively affect daily functions like respiration. It can restrict breathing and airflow between the chest and abdomen and make any movement painful. These issues can keep adding up and become chronic and disturb various bodily functions.

Yoga therapy has great success in dealing with backache regardless of its cause. By taking control of your breathing, you can correct the natural flow and relax the skeleton muscles. Asanas stretching is particularly useful as it focuses on the surrounding muscles as well, alleviating stress from the spine. While you’re stretching muscles with yoga, analgesia or pain relief sets in and you’ll immediately notice the benefits.

Neuropathic Pain

Neuropathic pain is usually caused by damage to the nerve endings in the skin. Additionally it can be a difficult one to predict or prevent. Likewise it can cause severe sensory damage and negatively affect your mood or add further stress. Due to its properties, this type of pain is best treated with a holistic approach and multiple forms of treatment. With Yoga Therapy we guide you to become aware of general body flexibility and everyday posture alignment. This is an excellent means of preventing neuropathic pain, or at least reducing its effects.

Another successful yoga method for treating these issues come from Yoga Nidra. This entails the techniques of visualisation, full awareness of breath and body, meditation, muscle group stretching and strengthening asanas. Using these methods and improving your overall posture helps you to avoid joint-related issues like the carpal tunnel syndrome.

Knee Pain

Knee pain is one of the main causes of disability in the form of Osteoarthritis, that many people suffer from. Our main strategy for dealing with knee pain, is to alleviate the pain itself. We do this by improving the circulation through mobility and functionality. Once again, learning awareness through techniques and some light stretches can go a long way in eliminating discomfort. There aren’t any disease-modifying agents available for knee pain treatment other than surgery. With Yoga Therapy we provide the optimal conditions by improving your joint health.


Most commonly identified with headaches, migraines are a result of a problem in the vascular system. We find they are directly tied to again cause and effect. Such as the person’s levels of stress, which can amplify the pain that ties back more stress and so on. Migraines can be positively affected by Yoga therapy by calming the stress response system. Also the autonomous nervous system can also be balanced out to cure various stress-related problems. We find some of which are a direct cause of migraines. In Yoga we cultivate a state of “calm alertness” and stimulate the neuroendocrine release of hormones and thalamic generators. In turn you will have relief from constant headaches.

Senior woman suffering with severe headache. .

How Asanas Affects the Musculoskeletal System

Asana (exercise) Pranayama (breathing) Kriyas (cleansing) and Ayurveda (diet and lifestyle) are our primary treatments for people with chronic pain issues. Sedentary lifestyle is the norm in modern society, along with all the pain it causes. Likewise, all the sitting can cause stress to our musculoskeletal system. This often forms in the upper and lower back area, adding tension to the core muscles. Aside from inducing pain, these issues also cause sleep problems and deprivation, impacting our life and work.

Yoga brings awareness to your breathing and posture and mends spinal misalignments. It helps regulate blood flow and through progressive relaxation, helps regain control over the body. Through practice, you can strengthen your muscles and either mitigate or fully rid yourself of any back pain you’re having!

What Can You Expect From a Standard Yoga Therapy Session?

We usually start the session with a few breathing exercises to help prepare you body and mind. The new members especially need time to learn how to focus and let go of their burdens. You should first learn how to breathe deeply and then some general sitting and standing postures. We call these “asanas” and they make up the core of yoga.

Some of them should last a few seconds while others go on for minutes. The more practice and focus you have, the more benefits you’ll feel when dealing with stress and pain. Mastering these asanas in conjunction with the breathing brings you a step closer to true inner peace. Stretching is a big part of yoga but don’t force it beyond what feels natural to you at any point.

What is unique about our Yoga Therapy for Pain release program is, we adapt the techniques to suit your needs. Firstly to reduce inflammation then build flexibility and strength while calming the nervous system. We work with your unique strengths and weaknesses considering your age and any past or current conditions. Don’t be afraid to let us know if you’re having any difficulties with a part of the program! We only have one body and it’s constantly telling us what it feels and wants at any moment. The problem is that we often ignore it, and fail to miss the vital signs.

Our Goals at Yoga Works for Over 40s

At Yoga Works for Over 40s, we teach you how to listen to your body and follow life’s natural rhythms. With light, daily activity, most of the injuries that people face can easily be prevented or mitigated. We can show you how to bring yoga into your daily life in a manageable way. Through a regular yoga practice, you will learn to focus on what is useful in all areas of life. It can help you filter out the distractions and white noise around you, and focus on what matters. We achieve that by coordinating breathing with movement in a relaxed and controlled manner. Listen to Bessell van der Kolk explain How to Overcome Trauma with Yoga

Our aim is to help you to improve your daily awareness of how you use your body and mind. Improve your posture, and core stability and cleanse the body of any toxins it might have. Our daily life and work often force an unhealthy lifestyle upon us that requires extra attention to set straight. By combining Yoga and Ayurveda your metabolism calms, with a more balanced appetite. Likewise improved circulation creates a healthier heart, and even a more functional digestive system. It takes practice to learn how to relax every individual muscle and body part, which we often take for granted.

Listen deeply to your body

While we advise that everyone should work on improving their health, never go to extremes while doing it. Listen deeply to your body and if it is telling you it is feeling pain then pull back. There is a skill in knowing when we are over extending in life to prevent any further problems. There is a middle ground between injury and a mildly painful stretch that we always try to find. It’s precisely in this moderation where progress happens.

The aim of our Yoga Therapy for Pain release program is, to bring you back to a state of pain free balance with a renewed zest and confidence in life.

yoga therapy for pain relief

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