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Effects of Yoga and modern technology in lockdown

Modern technology has good and bad effects, but one thing is certain: thanks to the internet and social networks, we now work from the safety and comfort of our own home during lockdown.  Now more than ever we are online wth access right here and now. Whether as an employee, business owner, student, teacher or seeking services etc; most people are on the "net".  This increased wave of online behaviour is not without a learning curve and toll on our time, physical and mental health. Many people are working from the dining room table, the lounge room or even in bed. This set up lacks any purposeful ergonomics and has its limitations.

Luckily Chair Yoga is right in the house with you. You will be motivated to stop at lunch time, take a breath stop and reflect. By moving the body in a yogic way you will prevent a sore neck, back, eyes, wrists plus more. Plus your energy levels will be regenerated for the afternoon.

It's clear that modern technology has changed our lives.  Now we move from one device to the next to watch movies on our laptops, study with the headphones on, sit at the computer to work or connect via our smartphones. At Bondi Yoga therapy we have a digital detox program that is becoming very popular. Did you know that modern technology has changed the way we think and live our lives ? During this pandemic we are told to stay in our homes the first thing many of us do is to check our devices while being passively fed information. A great way to start off your day is to join our Good Morning Yoga Therapy class, you can read more here.

How Chair yoga helps you in lockdown

Chair Yoga will keep you moving during lockdown

Social media sites have an agenda and exercise their censorship rights. We are being fed only a strategic amount of information. Despite life appearing open, free, modernised and democratic is it really? Prior to the fires, floods and lockdown the world was spinning at such a fast pace.  There are many positive things we now have time to reflect on as we slow down without the distractions of life outside the home.

But are you going from one screen to the next and feeling overwhelmed? We get so absorbed and mesmerised by the screen that time soon flies by. Our connection with how we are sitting in a crunched up position blocking off circulation and energy to our organs often goes unnoticed. The Lunchtime Chair Yoga class is a great way to break up the day as your energy is revitalised for the afternoon.

Have your lives changed working online?

There's no doubt that we replaced normal interaction with social networks and mobile applications. These new technologies significantly influence our thinking, or the ways we think. However, the bad side is that it often happens subtly and accidentally. The impact of technology is growing bigger, more intense and stronger. Everything we see and hear, we interpret in the moment. We are not even aware of that. More importantly, we were not aware of how our life actually changed. Yoga therapy brings you self awareness of your posture and breathing. We will be in your home every Wednesdays at 12 noon as part of our Yoga therapy for over 40's online classes.

Technology Stimulates Thinking and keeps us Connected

Everything we see on TV, the internet, social media and similar platforms affects us. If we see a touching story, we are moved, we want to help, we feel it. The music we listen to has the same effect. It causes us to feel things, positive or negative, depending on the song itself. It stimulates us to think, creates our own attitudes and plays a big role in our lives.

The fact that modern technology really matters in our everyday life is further proven by the fact that without a mobile phone, a laptop and the internet most of us would feel like something is missing. Technology skills are termed computer literacy and without these skills, people are just as disadvantaged as not being able to read or write. Zoe the founder of Bondi Yoga Therapy is also the founder of Computer Coach Australia. She calls herself a hi-tech-yogi because she using both these skills to help people save time and be confident online.

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Modern technologies effects our life during lockdown

Technology during the lockdown due to the COVID 19 pandemic, provides a means of interpersonal communication and interaction with our friends, colleagues and families. After all life is easier and faster to send a message by email or chat  right?  Now working from home we are even more online, and feeling anxious about the future. Many of us are seeking to be informed and in the know of what is happening around the world. In fact there are so many online events and news it is hard to keep up. We don't want to miss even the smallest thing and we need discernment.

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Disadvantages Of Modern Technology and COVID 19 lockdown

The world of technology world has moved even closer, by bringing work into the home. Some good some bad, what do you think? Modern technology can cause a decline in conceptual and critical thinking. In addition, it can have a negative effect on our sleep or, more precisely, disturb our sleep. This automatically reduces our ability to think, learn and concentrate. The light of the laptop, cell phone, and TV screen can in some way deceive our brain to think it's day and not night. The body is awake and we feel there is no need for sleep. Fatigue only occurs later, when it's too late to properly rest and we have missed our sleep window. For this reason we have started a Sleepy time Yoga therapy online class to help you to wind down from the day.

There Are Some Advantages to lockdown

The planet is taking a much needed breath. There is a noticeable decrease in pollution as accelerated from planes, suntan lotion in the oceans, people on the streets and cars on the road. We were all spinning so fast and now we have a chance to take a look at the direction of our lives. This is a great opportunity to start a Yoga Therapy practice and spend time to going inside, rather than outside. Our Good Morning Yoga therapy will help you set your intention for the day and start off with an abundance of cleared energy.

Modern technology is not so bad.  Now we have the opportunity to learn online with Computer Coach Australia, everything is at hand. We can find everything on the internet faster and easier, and with the introduction of 5G the world is being prepared for artificial intelligence. Technology also helps us to be constantly informed - aware of what is happening around us, with our friends, acquaintances and people that we haven't seen in a very long time. Today, through Facebook, we can find friends from primary school, an ex-boyfriend, and also meet new people. The internet makes all this possible and it would be foolish to say that there are no good sides.

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Just Don't Overdo It

As we mentioned before, technology has a good and bad side. What we can advise you is the following - just don't overdo it. Sometimes it's okay to surf the internet, lie in front of the laptop, or chat on WhatsApp. From every exaggeration we can become addicts. From time to time go back to your memories of childhood - do something creative or join in on one of our Yoga for over 40's online classes. Good morning Yoga, Lunchtime Chair Yoga and Sleepy time Yoga

Balancing technology with the creative is living a life of abundance, and that is why it is wise to start off the day with a sankalpa or intention and affirmations. Our Sleepy Time Yoga class at the end of our day brings in gratitudes and forgivenesses.  To find out more about our Yoga for over 40's online classes call Zoe +61 407 956 071 or drop us a note below, we love to hear how your going!

By Zoe

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