Digital Detox Yoga Therapy Program

Digital Detox Tools plus Yoga Ayurveda

To integrate technology into life in a sustainable way. We provide private Yoga and Ayurveda Therapy to detox from digital overuse. Most busy professionals today are suffering from a range of physical and mind related symptoms due to technology overuse. As a result these symptoms can include and are not limited to:-  RSI, frozen shoulder, wrist - carpal tunnel, elbow and neck pain, lower back weaknesses, headaches, eye strain etc.

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Recent research from Better health Vic shows sitting for prolonged periods is the new cancer. Likewise sitting plugged into a screen with artificial lighting and air conditioning and the risks increase. In fact technology addiction is a hazard to our health. Consequently behavioural scientists and neurologists are hired to design apps to keep us sitting in front of a screen. As a result the longer we are online the more revenue is increased. There are many reports on the dangers of technology addiction. This coincides with depression found in younger people due to increased usage of technology.

Integrate technology sustainably

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Digital detox yoga therapy programs

At Bondi Yoga Therapy we design a program to fit in with your current needs and lifestyle. You will learn ways to increase awareness and choice to become empowered using technology. Likewise you will learn healthy and sustainable ways to integrate technology into your life. Technology is not going away. Similar to good food habits we need to learn to manage our consumption.  Often we are taking our devices everywhere with us, for some even to bed and missing out on sleep. People are constantly online.

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Technology addiction hazard

Zoe our hi-tech yogi combines her skills and experience gained over the past 30 years. She has maintained excellent health while working in the digital zone. Zoe brings the many benefits of integrating Yoga and Ayurveda to help people develop skills to digitally detox.  Equally important Zoe has worked with many busy professionals. She can show you how to maintain healthy practises amid the frenetic world of technology. Zoe is the founder of Bondi Yoga Therapy and Computer Coach Australia. 

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