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Chair Yoga Works online with Zoe

Chair Yoga Works (online)! with Zoe

You develop methods to use your body and sit well throughout the day. As a matter of fact Yoga therapy is not just something we do on the floor on a mat.  A regular Chair Yoga Works (online)! class with Zoe increases awareness on many levels.  For the most part whether sitting, walking or lying. Often when we sit down we slump back into the chair. Likewise if we are plugged into a screen we can be sitting still and concentrating for hours at a time with poor posture. Coupled with not even realising the strain we put our body through, we stand up with a deep groan.

It is so beneficial to sit well

Lets just think for a moment, about how beneficial it is to learn to sit well.  Otherwise a particular body part is stretched while another is compressed, taking all the weight, and we sit lopsided. Equally important muscles weaken over time on one side and tighten on the other. This pulls our joints out of alignment and we are suffering and our performance decreases and mind fogs over.  On the whole this is seen through aches and pains, digestive problems, stiff neck or frozen shoulders.

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Reduce aches and pains learn to sit well

Pain and injury travels throughout the body into other parts and creates more serious conditions like a slip disc – ouch. Really Yoga and Buddhist teachings speak about the benefits of knowing about cause and effect. The sooner we understand this the sooner we can make changes to our daily habits. A yoga teacher once said "we are only as young as, how fast we walk up the stairs".  Our lunchtime Chair Yoga Works online with Zoe practice is perfect for office yoga by the computer because you learn to keep your body upright. This in turn will relieve stress on your joints and you will look 10 years younger. It truly is amazing the effects of good posture.

Posture is so important

Poor posture doesn't just stop there. For instance whether we are watching TV, eating dinner or at the desk. As a result our internal organs and digestive system suffers with a dulling of the mind. As a Hi Tech Yogi, I have spent all my working life in front of a computer screen and I know how to keep well. I am excited to share the Yoga for over 40's online classes with you. The old saying posture is important is true!

'we are only as young as how fast we can walk up the stairs'

Just imagine if one of the pylons on Sydney Harbour Bridge was lop sided on one end? All the cars would drive off into the water! Our lunchtime chair yoga works online with Zoe, is a great way to break up your day.  Learn to sit up straight and be aware of your posture even when standing. We spend too much of our time sitting down.

Better health Victoria wrote:-  Emerging studies suggest the dangers of sitting include increasing your chances of developing some types of cancer,  lung, uterine, and colon cancers. The reason behind this is not yet known. Sitting for long periods has been linked to heart disease. If in doubt you can read the 7 benefits of Yoga here. 

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Hi-tech yogi teachers how to sit well

As a Hi-tech yogi and founder of Computer Coach Australia, my work has been split between Yoga and technology for over 30 years.  I am so grateful to have had these two professions which gives me skills to manage my body and mind when absorbed with the technology. Research states as soon as our fingers touch the keyboard our breathing shallows. Likewise our minds take over and the focus on the task ahead makes us lose sense of what is around us. For this reason resentment can arise when being disturbed.

Sit upright and balanced with chair yoga

Our lunchtime Chair Yoga Works (online)  classes guide you each week to develop  connect with your body to sit upright in a sustainable way free of aches and pains. You will learn to distribute your weight evenly over your body. With attention to this you will use all your muscles and increase strength and benefit your internal body as well. Soon this will become a natural way of being. As we explore different movements (asanas) in the chair your breathing and flexibility increases and your sleep improves.

Prevent is better than cure!

Chair yoga will help to prevent many physical problems such as:-  RSI, swollen ankles, sore back, poor digestive system, aching back and shoulders, the list gos on. Pain is our body is the way our body speaks to us to let us, to let us know something we are doing is not OK. Ergonomics are very important not only when using technology. Often we can sit for hours at a time to eat, being entertained, or driving and at work. The mind is stimulated the body is still and we wonder why we cant sleep at night.

Hi-tech yogi is best to teach chair yoga

You will learn to bring our awareness to your breathing, stretching and opening your body and how to counteract being all cramped up. Because of this it will increase blood flow and circulation as well as improve the digestive system. For this reason we will pay special attention to the neck, shoulder and eyes as well. The class will end with a short meditation to unwind the mind and focus in our our intention (sankalpa)  for the day.

The Morning Yoga therapy class and our Sleepy time class combined with the Chair Yoga at Yoga works.  Learn to sit well with a Hi Tech Yogi to keep you functioning at optimum levels throughout the week. If you want to have a chat about any special needs you have give Zoe a call on +61 407 956 071

We love to hear your comments - and if you know anyone who thinks that Yoga is not for them please share this article. Special needs and NDIS students are welcome.

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By Zoe

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