Balancing Vata

Factors That Affect Vata Dosha

Balance – Vata Imbalance – Vatta

Follow a daily routine as regards to time of meals, the number of meals, time to and from the bed, exercise, relaxing Never follow any routine, eat meals at different times, going to bed late (after 11:00 pm), sleep during the daytime. Eat warm cooked meals that are a little oil, not dry Eat raw vegetables, rice cakes, lots of beans, popcorn, soft drinks, chips, munching all the time, skip meals. Warm oil massage Travel -especially by airplaneLive in a warm and moist climate where you can get fresh air and sunshine Live in a desert or high mountains where cold and wind increases the effect. Wear clothing that is a warm colour such as red, orange, yellow or a calming colour like green. Wear clothing that creates lightness in the body such as purple, blue and white. For leisure time choose calming activities such as quiet walks in nature or parks. For leisure time do stimulating activities, amusement parks, discos, a rock concert.

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