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What is yoga therapy 

Yoga therapy is different to going to a group class. A yoga therapist can help people with chronic illnesses or injuries that they may not be getting any relief from ( as well as other annoying physical mental and emotional health quirks).

Zoe is being positively visible at the fete today speaking with lots of people about yoga therapy and seeing many people who could benefit from a one to one health program designed specifically to suit their needs.

I have always been into health – my dad was into good health.

I have seen many people who have been told there is nothing that can be done for their condition and that they will progressively get worse so they resign themselves to this fate and get progressively worse as predicted.

Making your health your number one priority is smart thinking because without your health you won’t go far. A Yoga Therapist can offer you many small changes you can make to your life which can have significant effects and benefits to your wellbeing. Why not give it a go?

Call Zoe today 0407 956 071 to discuss your health concerns.

By Zoe

Yoga Ayurveda Therapist | Computer Coach Australia - Modern day women using the ancient tools and techniques to bring balance in the digital world

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