1) Lie on your back

concentrate on your breathing

count the length of the inhale – hold 1 for the pause between the breaths and count the exhale

Focus on extending your exhale

expand your rubs with the inhale and go down with the exhale

Do 6 conscious round of breaths

jane 1

2)  Standing feet hip width apart – raise ONE ARM ONLY above your head and go Forward as in the video – do this X 3 then the other arm X 3

3) have your feet a metre apart and interlock your hands behind on the exhale go forward raising your arms towards the back of your head

Close your eyes when going forward and focus on increasing your exhale – hold for a count of 3

Forward bends are calming

4) Lie on your back

Raise both knees on the inhale and exhale as you lower X 6

Apanasa is very balancing and good for your core strength  

5) Focus on your breathing with your hands above your chest and feel the ribs expand and u inhale and exhale – count the duration of the breaths and increase the exhale – be aware of the pause between the breaths

6) Twist

Cross your left knee over your right

Adjust your hips slightly by moving to the left

Take your knees over to the right on the exhale

Stay there for 6 breaths

Extend your exhales

Then rotate your left arm around the body – exhale as the arm goes down and inhale as arm goes up

X 1 in each direction

Lie and relax your arms and shoulders

Always create space between your ears and shoulders

Repeat with the other leg and arm

7) Forward bend

Cross legs and go forward X 6 breaths

Then cross legs in other direction and go forward X 6

8) Rest – relaxation breathing

If you don’t have a bolster to open your chest just lie on the floor and focus on your breathing with your eyes closed

  1. Inhale to a count of 4

Exhale to a count of 4

Four times

2. Inhale to a count of 4

Exhale to a count of 6

Four times

3) Inhale to a count of 4

Exhale to a count of 8

Four times

Magnesium supliment

This is very good – take one small spoon ( inside ) with water –  before bed it will reduce the cramps – only get this brand and the powder

jane 9


By Zoe

Yoga Ayurveda Therapist | Computer Coach Australia - Modern day women using the ancient tools and techniques to bring balance in the digital world

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