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Lower back issues

1) Lie on the bolster opening your lungs and focus on your breathing

Count the length of your inhale – an awareness of the pause and the length of your exhale.

Increase your exhale – while doing the ujayii breath 

Feel the rib cage expand with the inhale and contract with the exhale

Create space between your ears and shoulders 

Pull in the Agni below the naval at the beginning of the exhale 

6-12 complete rounds of breath 

2) lie sideways on the bolster opening your lower ribs 

Rest your head on your arm

Raise your arm overhead to the floor on the inhale and lower on the exhale

Coordinate your breathing with the count

X 3 and then rotate the arm around the body

3) Before changing to the other side – lean back slightly and stretch the arm above the head and stretch your leg out and breath deeply always with the intention of extending ( comfortably ) the exhale and pulling in slightly at the Agni at the start of the exhale

With the inhale feel the back as side ribs expand 

4) place the block under your sit bones – on the edge and more onto the bottom muscle – stretch one leg out slowly and stay for no longer than one minute

Slowly bring the legs up – remove the block and lie on your back for 6 rounds of breath 

5) Bring your knees onto your chest on the exhale allow your finger tips to slide down your thighs as you take your feet almost to the floor X 6 on the inhale 

6) Draw big circles with your knees around your body with a conscious connection with your breathing 

7) hands under shoulders – make space between your ears and neck – feet turned out X 6 breaths 

8) open your hands out further and straighten up your arms 

9) yin yoga forward bend X 6 breaths each side

10) twist with left leg over right – tuck hip under to left – breathe X 3 then rotate arm around body 

11) give your self a hug and say out loud well done! And that’s more gods success than mine 

12) Bolster under your knees and cover your self to keep warm relaxing your whole body with a smile of gratitude for the love you are extending to yourself and the planet 

By Zoe

Yoga Ayurveda Therapist | Computer Coach Australia - Modern day women using the ancient tools and techniques to bring balance in the digital world

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Yoga is amazing ,keeps you in control of your body & not the Doctor!!!!

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