Computers and Yoga therapy for Seniors

Zoe’s career history has been steeped in the training, education, business, innovative technologies and health. Likewise she has strong capabilities in using coaching and empathic mentoring. Her vision is to improve computer users skills, development and motivation while maintaining excellent health. In other words Zoe is not just someone who knows a bit about computers for seniors. As a Hi-Tech-Yogi her extensive skills are in combining Yoga and Ayurveda therapy as well as “learn to learn” skills in technology. This experience and skills makes her an ideal coach for the 21st century digital world.

Computer Coaching has been Zoe’s career path empowering and inspiring people to keep up to date with technologies. Yoga and Ayurveda have given her excellent tools to manage the fast paced corporate world of technology. Equally important she has degree qualifications in Teaching Information Technology. Zoe specialised in working with clients who have special needs. In fact her manner is inclusive and she has many years of experience combined with a natural inclusive and non threatening style.

Computers and Yoga for Seniors

Computer Coach Australia founder

As the founder of Computer Coach Australia Zoe provides online, one-on-one training and support for software and apps and specialises in computers for seniors. In particular she enjoys empowering seniors on their computers. In addition she has worked extensively with well-known vocational institutions such as TAFE. As well as within training departments of large national Australian organisations. Zoe has experience working with a wide range of clients over the past 25 years. Including those with unique needs, seniors, students business owners and employees.

Computers and Yoga for Seniors

Zoe Campbell

With a strong passion in the health and well-being industry. Zoe is an enthusiastic Yoga Ayurveda Therapist. Above all she believes in helping people spend less time in stress in front of screens. And to integrate and improve the quality of their life within the frenetic world of technology.

Yoga Works for Over 40s “live-online” classes

As such, she has developed the Yoga Works for Over 40s and she provides personalised Yoga Ayurveda Therapy programs and private class for people with special needs. At the same time each program is designed to fit into any busy schedule. As well as being suitable for people challenged by chronic illness, injury, pre and post operations, seniors, special needs or disabilities.

Yoga Ayurveda e-programs

Zoe has authored four e-programs that have been converted into digital/video books. In particular they are on the topics of Sport Injuries, Parkinson’s condition, Ageing and Women’s Health.

As a Board Member of the Bondi Chamber of Commerce she is always open to collaborate and learn from other like-minded professionals.

She welcomes you to connect with her!

✆ +61 407 956 071

By Zoe

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