Sleepy Time Yoga Therapy in Sancrox

Experience our Sleepy Time Yoga Therapy practice in Sancrox to help you slow down the ageing process and have a sound nights sleep better.  With these uncertain times many people are struggling with anxiety, restlessness and insomnia. A calming, soothing, grounding and balancing practice before bed is just perfect for a good nights sleep.

The future is unknown which it always has been

Sleep deprivation and stress are a vicious cycle. Especially when we are worried our mind becomes more active than our body.  To complicate matters,  the fact that we didn't get enough sleep is the same as being drunk and our mind begins to function poorly.  Lack of sleep not only causes us to drop off at our desks in the afternoon and feel cranky, it also weakens crucial communications between the neurons in the brain, according to a new study.

Yoga for sleep

Sleepy Time Yoga Therapy in Sancrox

Sleeping more soundly is the outcome of sleep hygiene and it is just one the many benefits of joining our community. As well as, learning to incorporate Yoga and Ayurveda into your daily life to balance your digestive system.

Additionally you will learn how to  lower your stress levels, calm your body and mind - as a result your relationship with your self and others will improve.

Our Sleepy Time Yoga Therapy training is an effective natural sleep remedy.

Research discovers Yoga helps people sleep

Psychology today says the pleasures and benefits of Yoga are widely understood. A new study indicates that yoga improves sleep among people suffering from chronic insomnia as well as:-

  • Physical strength and flexibility
  • Wholesome breathing
  • Reducing stress
  • Delaying the ageing process
  • Enhancing mental focus.

sleepy time yoga works online


I totally agree from my experience about sleep hygiene. Indeed, whenever I experience restless symptoms and I do with all my grandchildren and busy life, the best thing for me is to unwind with my yoga community, it really works!


7 benefits of yoga for seniors

A yoga bolster is just the best thing to relax with in our Sleepy Time Yoga Therapy class. You can still practice the class without it, but having one will increase your enjoyment.

Zoe Yoga therapist

Zoe Yoga Ayurveda Therapist

Online Yoga Therapy for over 40's class is perfect because Zoe is a senior  Yoga Ayurveda therapist with over 35 years of training, passion and experience to share with you. Certainly, she has used Yoga Ayurveda Therapy to maintain excellent health while having a professional career and as a single mum.

Zoe is a registered member of the Australian Association of Yoga Therapists.

You are a perfect candidate if you think your health conditions prevent you learning Yoga and Ayurveda.  Do consider having a private chat with Zoe about your needs.

We work with people who experience chronic conditions or illnesses, pre and post surgery as well as seniors and NDIS participants.

We are here to help you and spread the wonderful effects of Yoga Ayurveda Therapy because it is for everyone.

Call Zoe today 0407 956 071 or send us a note below.