Good Morning Yoga Ayurveda Recovery

Our Good Morning Yoga Ayurveda Therapy class in Sancrox has a different focus to other times of the day. Learn to  stretch and strengthen your body in a meditative way by focusing on the breath.

The aim is to start off the day in a healthy way. We see the cat and dog stretch when they move from lying down and so should we in the morning.

View a simple Ayurvedic tip to boost your immune system.

Learn Good Morning Yoga Ayurveda therapy

Good Morning Yoga classes are guided by Zoe our Senior Yoga Ayurveda therapist who has over 35 years of training, passion and experience to share. Certainly Zoe has used Yoga and Ayurveda combined to maintain excellent health.

In the class you will instructed how to best look after yourself using natural methods. We go through many transformational changes in life and Yoga and Ayurveda provides excellent results in a wholistic way.

Our classes are held one-on-one, in a small group and as part of a retreat option.

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Healthy Yoga practices to start the day

Start off your day with a nourishing drink

Ayurveda offers us ways to use food and spices to keep healthy and strong. We want to share with you a drink you can make to start off your day. It will flush your kidneys, boost your immune system, increase digestion and soothe any anxiety. Drink this first thing when you wake up.

  • Squeeze a fresh lemon (warming and sour)
  • Add tsp of ginger (powder or freshly grated) (warming)
  • Add 1/4 tsp of turmeric (cleansing)
  • Fill cup with boiled water

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Yoga asana (exercise) practice intertwined with the breath

To fully benefit from our Good Morning Yoga therapy classes we turn our attention inwards and this is done by focusing on the breathing (pranayama). Likewise the Buddha taught many different forms of meditation practises that use the breath to increase our internal and intuitive focus.

We combine the breathing with each asana to focus on the sensations within the body. This deep listening provides information as to the strengths and weaknesses in our body and mind. Believe it or not, but our body is easier to control than our mind.

Our morning practice is livelier than our two other classes, Lunchtime Chair Yoga and Sleepy Time Yoga therapy.  Of course we start off the day removing any blockages, stimulating the circulation (prana) and digestive power.

Equally important our practice will end with a brief relaxation in the stillness to soothe your nervous system. Another key point is allowing your mind to totally focus on as little as possible. Given that we attain a higher level of consciousness or wisdom for a fresh start to the day.

If you have any questions about our Good Morning Yoga with Zoe as a part of our Yoga Works for Over 40's  classes please give her a call on +61 407 956 071 or send us a note.

There is more information on preparation for your yoga class here.

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