Chair Yoga Therapy in Sancrox

Be part of our Chair Yoga Therapy in Sancrox practice - stop and recalibrate in the middle of your day.  Even though your head may tell you not to stop, you will experience so many benefits taking this short time out. Likewise this internal focus on yourself will invigorate you for the rest of the day.

At Yoga Works for Over 40s we are hearing from many people experiencing aches and pains who are working at a desk without the proper ergonomics.

This class is also perfect for people who need the extra support of a chair to practice yoga. You will:-

  • Breathe, stretch, strengthen and relax your body and mind
  • Clear away any blockages to release tension and stress
  • Break poor posture habits
  • Refresh your body and mind
  • Increase your circulation and energy for the rest of the day.

chair yoga works for over 40s

As a matter of fact Chair Yoga Therapy in Sancrox is part of our personalised programs and retreat. You will learn these skills to integrate good posture while sitting in a chair. Your circulation, breathing, energy levels and clarity of mind will improve.

For the most part whether sitting, walking or lying we are constantly challenged by gravity and we may not even realise we are stooping.

Likewise we can be sitting concentrating on a screen for hours at a time with little awareness of the misalignment and stressors we are putting on the body and shallow breathing.

Learn Chair Yoga Therapy

Zoe a Senior Yoga Ayurveda therapist founded Yoga Works for over 40s. She combines wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda as a therapy to bring you good posture for those who spend hours sitting in a chair.

Sancrox Yoga Ayurveda Therapy focuses on

Good Morning Yoga 

 Chair Yoga

Sleepy time Yoga

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Why posture is so important

Poor posture doesn't just stop there. For instance whether we are watching TV, eating dinner or at the desk. As a result of sitting or standing incorrectly our internal organs and digestive system gets scrunched up, along with constricting the breath resulting in a dulling of the mind.

As a Hi Tech Yogi, Zoe has spent her working life in front of technology and screens. This kind of work where the mind is racing and the body remains still causes blockages in the body. Most notably in the wrists, neck, shoulder, back, eyes and the breathing. Therefore to function at your peak it is important to know how to keep well.

I am excited to share these classes with you.

The old saying - 'posture is important' is very true!

wrist exercise chair yoga

A teacher once said to me - 'We are only as young as, how fast we can walk up the stairs'

Yoga and Ayurveda together is a completeTherapy for health

Yoga and Ayurveda are not separate; they are natural and wholistic inter-related healing disciplines from ancient India. In the same, way each has its own place and function overlapping into the other on various levels.  Read more.

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