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Yoga helps to soothe anxiety

With the second wave of Covid 19 lockdown moving throughout Australia we have the gift of time to make changes in our life. With this in mind, Yoga therapy helps to soothe anxiety and calm the nervous system. At last many people are beginning to recognise the benefits of a regular Yoga practice. Moreover the ancient sages in India wrote about using Yoga to manage a busy mind and detoxify the body.

In Australia following the bushfire disasters over summer, the community is in a heightened state of anxiety and is struggling. As well as, managing the uncertainty surrounding the possible spread and impacts of the pandemic. Read more as reported by the Black dog institute.

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Yoga, literally means union – the connection between the mind and the body.

Yoga teaches that emotional responses may be less pronounced with longer and more frequent practice – for the purpose of, mental rather than physical reasons.

US National library of medicine

Yoga therapy for emotional healing

For most of us we can have many layers of unmet feelings. As a result these have come to settle in our soul with the passage of time. Confusing and overwhelming thoughts can fill up the space in our minds and we need ways to manage our over reactive thinking and responses. It can help to simplify our complex feelings into four basic emotions.

 anger, happiness, sadness and fear 

There is a universal belief that happiness is the desired state to be in all the time. Incidentally, if happiness is not present then stress arises as we struggle to get find it.

If the emotions of sadness, anger or fear dominate, we begin to think we are the only one in the world feeling like this. Even more so, this can be accompanied by a feeling that something is not right about us or our life. Under those circumstances, feelings of isolation and being stuck lead to depression. Eventually negative reactions or addictions can become automatic and these can affect our loved ones and community. Pranayama one of the tools of Yoga brings attention to the pause in between our breaths. This is the beginning of creating space in our mind and life. As a result we can start to make conscious choices around our actions rather than knee jerk reactions

My mother used to say, ‘laugh and the world laughs with you – weep and you weep alone’.

Sadness for many is the hardest emotion to deal with and the least desired. As well as sadness is not a socially accepted emotion. In contrast anger is a ‘go to’ for many. Along with childhood conditioning that makes anger or rage easier to express. Indeed, we can see anger expressed even in the cartoons! Many people do not know how to manage an angry out burst. As a result, during challenging times knee jerk reactions take over.

Change is one thing we can be sure of

Yoga is a natural ally to assist you to live life to the fullest. Equally important blocked emotions are processed through a gentle healing process. With this in mind, we focus on our breathing and body sensations. As a result our mind organically calms down. Thus our practice of tuning in via Yoga is like a meditation of movement. Our body and mind feels truly calmed, valued and heard. Yoga therefore is an act of deep listening or self love.

soothe – nurture – relax

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It is important to realise with a regular Yoga practice there is the opportunity to soothe anxiety and uncover blocked emotions. This soothing healing process increases strength of character. As a consequence we gain the ability to know where our true nurturing lies. Our life changes for the better, unencumbered by failing health.

Stuffing our feelings creates blocked emotions

For some people stuffing their feelings might have started in early childhood. We call this disassociation from the self. Eventually this very useful survival skill becomes a compulsive habit that stops being effective as we age. The world we live in actually encourages distraction from the self with social media. Social media apps are designed to keep us connected at all times. As a result there can be an emotional immaturity in connecting with self or others. Finally this can result in isolation, resentment, depression, anxiety or fear.

unblock emotions with yoga

Yoga therapy promotes emotional healing

The danger with blocked emotions is that after some time, they may show up as a disease in the mind or body. Perhaps as a compromised organ, joint or cell accompanied by anxiety, rage or depression. With a regular Yoga therapy class you are encouraged to listen deeply. Soon hidden parts of the self are discovered and stress and worry released. You will learn to calm your nervous system, while improving your health and wellbeing.

With Yoga therapy we start to experience emotional healing. As a result blocked emotions can begin to shift. Subsequently we begin to notice a sense of emotional balance and wellbeing after a practice. Along with this comes renewed strength and a pause to choose conscious actions. What a loving gift to give to ourselves where we soon wonder how we ever lived without Yoga in our lives.

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The 5 sheaths or koshas

The inner journey to uncover blocked emotions begins subtly with Yoga. Maintaining a regular practice becomes a warriors quest to wellness. Alternatively the mind constantly play tricks on us, feeding us with the chatter of excuses not to get onto the mat.

A regular Yoga therapy penetrates deeply past the mind and body into the 5 sheaths or koshas.

The five koshas or sheaths are summarised with the term Panchakosha and are described in the Taittiriya Upanishad (2.1-5).[2][3] From gross to fine they are:

  1. Annamaya kosha, “food” sheath (Anna)[3]
  2. Pranamaya kosha, “energy” sheath (Prana)[3]
  3. Manomaya kosha “mind” sheath (Manas)[3]
  4. Vijñānamaya kosha, “discernment” sheath (Vijnana)[3]
  5. Anandamaya kosha, “bliss” sheath (Ananda)[3].

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Our meditation of movement practice will soothe anxiety

Yoga Works for Over 40s ‘live-online” classes are brought to you in the comfort of your home. You will learn to bring these ancient techniques into your daily life. Additionally each class is practiced as meditation of movement. More importantly we combine Yoga with Ayurveda as traditionally taught.

Yoga Works for Over 40s

Ayurveda states what we bring into our senses affects our body and mind.

Yoga Works for Over 40s is a community of women and men joining together on the same path. Taking action to benefit their health and well being in a proactive way. In this fashion we support each other and provide the foundation in line with the sangha, sala and dharma as taught by the Buddha.

There are 3 ‘live-online’ classes every week. Each class is filmed and added to the private facebook group ‘Yoga Works Better with Ayurveda’ for tips and recipes. A Q&A follows the Morning and Lunchtime classes to discuss postures.

Our members find the “live’ online classes with Zoe our Senior Yoga Therapist a great motivator to commit with a like minded community to a regular health regime.

We wold love to offer you a gif of a free one week trial by clicking here and if you have any questions email Zoe a

Alternatively call +61 407 956 071. For more information about our ‘live-online’ classes click here

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