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How much colour do you bring into your life? Moving towards 2018 have you thought of any new people, places and things you can bring into your life?

First we need to remove any clutter old stale bits n pieces to make room.

Does the thought of moving things out of your life bring a sense of anxiety, trepidation, overwhelm or total black out – can’t go there?

When you eat are you aware of what colours you are putting into your system? Do colours make your meal look healthy?

Colours are used in many therapies and have been shown to have positive Emotional effects on health. Therefore positive effects on your mind.

Red can stimulate a feeling of heat and energy- green for me is the calmness of nature – brown is stability earthing groundedness, yellow I get a sense of ego self centred & bringing in the new – possibly why yellow is used for selling goods – blue for coolness and effective communication- mauves third eye inner vision or intuition- white light for spiritual connection and gold for wisdom – there is so much more depth to this subject.

The same applies to my food. Yellow of the eggs is for strength – green my nervous system cleanse – red blood cleanse etc.

I do see a lot of people who eat browns – processed foods – a plate completely of the one colour – makes me feel bogged down just by looking at it.

Breakfast like a princess, lunch like a queen and dinner like a pauper helps enhance my digestion of food and life experiences.

Combined with sleep hygiene principles that suit my vata dosha type of early to bed and early to rise provides me with more energy balance and calmness into my life.

I have noticed the majority of rubbish that is left on the beach is from fast food outlets – eat it fast without a breath, little mastication and awareness which coincides with people leaving the packaging where they ate it, with no present awareness of reposition into the bin.

The other waste I see on the beach is straws, balloons and plastic water bottle containers – a decadent and unnecessary waste. They end up in the oceans killing the sea life and health of our oceans, rivers and streams.

If you haven’t been informed with this knowledge YouTube video before – you just might change your view on waste after.

By Zoe

Yoga Ayurveda Therapist | Computer Coach Australia - Modern day women using the ancient tools and techniques to bring balance in the digital world

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