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Rice cooker easy cooking

Natures natural vitamins are not packaged and can be seen in their own life giving and sustaining state.

A rice cooker is incredibly useful when whipping up nutritious foods.

All you need to do is toss your vegetables in a few spices in a saucepan then add to the rice cooker and set it onto cook. Within 15 mins your meal is cooked leaving you just enough time to make your salad.

In this dish I tossed onions, mushrooms and sweet potato with my combination of spices that best suit my Vata.

While the rice cooked, I grated some raw beetroot, and cut cucumber, red capsicum, lettuce and avocado – garnished with homemade yoghurt, feta cheese and my favourite salad dressing.

I use spices that best suit my digestive fire (agni) and eat my main meal in the middle of the day when the sun is at its peak to encourage food processing.

Unprocessed foods in the digestive tract ferment and create toxins that travel through the blood, the organs, brain etc.

What you eat today walks and talks tomorrow – food through the mouth is the gateway to health or ill health. We are responsible for what we put into our mouth and wellbeing.

By Zoe

Yoga Ayurveda Therapist | Computer Coach Australia - Modern day women using the ancient tools and techniques to bring balance in the digital world

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