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Dear Prudence 

The Americans are so advanced in personal development!
There is money to be made in offering teacher training courses or coaching …

How great to have a yoga teacher on every corner – I remember the days when it seemed like a pub 

…the Dalai Lama said 12 step programs are the best thing to happen in the 21st century I read 

Learning to reparent self from dysfunction combined with yoga 

The ancient yoga teachings from Patanjali and the rishis said it all – 

…..but the challenge today is – how to implement these teachings in a daily life without strong community support?

The Buddha would say use the tools of the Sangha, Sala and the Dhamma on a daily basis 

….we are pulled constantly into the maya (illusion) of daily/self existence – the prehistoric brain on alert

…we have to function in society to be self supporting to make money to trade for our needs – (or ask for a hand out)

….we are offered tools from so many different traditions & finding the tool/key that works for you is a noble quest 

….many blessings to the seekers – those who know they need to look for the key to keep coming back to a state of balance on a spinning and tilted planet – with billions of people who are also off kilter – 

Combined with the pumping media/politicians espousing – more is best – we need growth – lets keep growing the economy!

I think to cultivate Wisdom is to be aware of our addictive habits and triggers and to have the willingness to choose to live life free of these behaviours that control our re actions 

Willing and open to make new choices to enhance the quality of life combined with plenty of prudence to follow through 

… then surrender your will to the gods/universe/nature in a yoga pose – bliss – (something more grander than our frail manipulative powers ) is certainly a noble cause and vision 

By Zoe

Yoga Ayurveda Therapist | Computer Coach Australia - Modern day women using the ancient tools and techniques to bring balance in the digital world

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