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3 Vital essences in Ayurveda

Prana, Tejas and Ojas are the essential or beneficial forms of vata, pita and kapha that sustain positive vitality. Unlike the doshas, which are factors of disease, they promote health, creativity and well-being and provide the support for deeper yogic and meditational practices.

Prana – primal life-force: the subtle energy of as as the master force and guiding intelligence behind all psychophysical functions, responsible for co-ordination of breath, senses and mind. On an inner level, it governs the unfoldment and harmonisation of all higher states of consciousness.

Tejas – inner radiance: the subtle energy of fire as the radiance of vitality through which we digest air, impressions and thoughts. On an inner level, it governs the unfoldment of all higher perceptual capacities.

Ojas – primal vigour: the subtle energy of water as the stored-up vial reserve, the basis for physical and mental endurance; the internalised essence of digested food, water, air, impressions and thought. On an inner level, it is responsible for nourishing and grounding the development of all higher faculties.

(David Frawley)

By Zoe

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