Seniors yoga therapy class

Ancient art of Yoga

The ancient art of Yoga Ayurveda balances and enhances the quality of life

Yoga union between the mind and body is the art of taking control of your own physical, emotional and mental well being. Yoga is a relaxed system of body movements, performed slowly, with free flowing breath and a quiet mind. In practising yoga we develop an awareness of the connection between the body, mind and breath.  Postures have been scientifically designed to relax, stretch and open the body whilst oxygenating the blood circulation, nourishing every cell and calming the mind. Optimum health and vitality and physical and emotional peace, can be achieved from a regular yoga practise.

Yoga invites you on an inner journey of self-discovery where you develop a balanced sense of self through listening to the messages of your body. This heightened awareness is the key to good health both physically and mentally.

Just 10-15 minutes a day of Yoga Ayurveda can provided you with…

Good health
Relief from stress and anxiety
Flexibility and strength
Rejuvenation of the physical, emotional and mental body
Relief from tired and aching muscles and joints
Weight loss and general toning of the body
A sense of balance, poise and grace

 “It is when you have no time to stretch, that you need it most”

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By Zoe

Yoga Ayurveda Therapist | Computer Coach Australia - Modern day women using the ancient tools and techniques to bring balance in the digital world

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