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It was good to do the full questionnaire with you to ascertain that your symptoms show that your VATA is higher than normal – which would be correct as you are not in a settled state You will all through your life have to watch your Vata and do the Vata reducing treatments – Vata is the worse energy of all to have the most (i have it too and have been treating myself very successfully for 6 years now) – it works  it is a discipline it is well worth it – knowing these amazing ancient rituals is an act of love towards yourself. Your life will change…

The most important thing for the Vata is to stay put – and it is very difficult to do – we don’t want to do that – so at best you need to be fully aware of the fact that travel will increase your Vata and make it your goal to get into a routine

Going to bed and rising at the same time each day (if possible) and eating at the same time each day is important as well.

Then your body will know when to have your food processed in time for you to eliminate – if there is constipation in the body then the toxins are held inside and the body affects the mind and the mind affects the body.

Physical exertion will increase the Vata – the Vata energy needs to be nurtured and kept warm given rest and always warm foods and drinks – even cleaning your teeth use warm water. If you can get the VICCO toothpaste this is also very good it is ayurvedic toothpaste.. once you get used to it you will notice the difference how harsh the others are.. Vata is the most sensitive of all energies – we internalise – we are delicate – we are deeply aware and spiritual

Sweet Sour and Salty are important for you to include in every meal.

If you can buy the rice flakes (POHA) they are a good breakfast cereal – you can cook them with warm milk – cardamon – jaggery (or brown sugar) currants – 1/2 tsp of turmeric – grated ginger – cinnamon stick and 1/2 teaspoon of ghee… you can leave out any of the spices – all are good for you.

You can also use POHA as a savoury dish it is quick and easy and very good for your digestion.
MOONG Dal is also very good – you can put it in soups or google recipes

Going to bed if your digestion is sluggish with a full stomach will not give you a good nights rest – it is important to try to have your main meal at midday when the sun is its hottest to help you digest – do not eat late at night – eat only a small meal late at night –

do not eat bread or cakes – they will give you bloating.

if you eat bread toast it and put ghee on it…

Hot milk at bedtime is good – here are some things you can add to it…. fresh dates,   grate some ginger  –  a handful of almonds (the skin will come off them if you cook them with the milk) you can buy a milk cooker from Indian stores so the milk can cook for some time without boiling. you can also add a teaspoon of ghee – cardamon pods – cinnamon – etc same spices as above.

the turmeric is a disinfectant for the digestive tract – put it in your meals or your milk or breakfast – your bowels will soon work well for you.

the quality of your day and your life is directly related to how well you poo! the consistency – regularity – colour – odour etc…  do you know Mr Hanky on Southpark LOL?
Always peel your vegetables and fruit as they are too hard for Vata to digest – always cook your food – if you have salads make sure you eat them with a curry or food with spices in it.
sip warm water as you drink – not before or after…

you can get good salt from the Indian shop – I use this smelly one that they have but I don’t know its name – it is very good I put it in the cooking… Himalayan rock salt if you can’t get it…

black mustard seeds and cumin are a good start to any meal – with a tablespoon of ghee or use oil (not coconut) olive or sesame oil –  then you can put in some garlic – curry leaves – some small chillis – asafoetida (or hing) for bloating and gas – some turmeric powder – when u add the vegetables – peppercorns – curry powder – or buy one of the jars of curry paste that they have in the Indian shop – for instance rogan josh is very nice with vegetables.
the root vegetables are best – cabbage peas and lentils create bloating and gas  – potato tomato and eggplant are deadly nightshades and to eat them when they are cooked only and use the spices to help digest them.

I do not eat foods like the above all the time – I do after I eat crappy western food – or meat – or I notice my digestion is sluggish  – like today I had a chorizo roll with red capsicum at 10 am and I am still burping it and haven’t digested it fully so I will need to eat well to get that through..

Paw Paw first thing in the morning – with a hot lemon grated ginger and jaggery is good – or just hot lemon on its own – or hot water…

I don’t want to overwhelm you – but Tulsi tea, licorice tea – fennel-  any herbal tea that suits Vata are good to drink during the day – even a teapot of grated ginger and some peppercorns is yummy an warming…

give an hour or two where you drink nothing – and eat nothing for the digestive fire to rekindle.

breathing exercises – especially bastrika is great for Vata – be gentle with yourself – don’t push your self too hard…

always keep yourself warm.

don’t exercise when you have your periods – don’t wash your hair either at this time -or do a sesame oiling of the body –  be gentle on yourself when you are menstruating – strenuous exercise will affect your periods.

Vata internalises things and worry and get anxious – if you can buy “AYURVEDA and the MIND ” by David Frawley – it will give you a great insight into your self – and others…

attached is something I have created of the Vata and how you can best treat it.

I will give you one of basti kits I have – it is a silicone syringe and catheter- and you can use it with 60ml of warm gingerley (or sesame oil) this is not the same as the sesame oil you buy in Chinese shops as the Chinese one is toasted and not good for you to use.

also, you need to get some TRIPHALA powder – you can google TRIPHALA and see the many benefits.

I use the Basti (enema) every second night – and the other night I take a teaspoon of Triphala powder in warm water before I go to bed. I also do an abhyanga ( a warm sesame oil massage all over my body every second day – and then shower it off after 15 minutes with warm water) the sesame oil is very soothing and it goes deep inside the organs, tissues and joints of the body and is very very calming – you will gradually notice that your anxiety has gone and that you feel a deep sense of calm.
we can meet up when you are in Bali you can enquire to buy some – you may have to ask around at a few chemist type shops till you find one that will sell them – or even if there is an ayurvedic place they will know where to get them – failing that I have a contact in India and I can buy more.


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