Yoga Ayurveda Therapy e-books

Zoe is a Yoga Ayurveda Therapist and Hi-Tech-Yogi (technology geek). She has created four e-books based on the principles of the Yoga Ayurveda Therapy. Each  e-book is based on an individual case study. Including the daily rhythms of the client, diet, activity, sleep, support etc.

Individual programs are designed using exercise (asana), breathing (pranayama) and guided meditation (mindfulness) is used . Each e-book is rich with video instruction, testimonials and information specific to the condition. Consequently we to alleviate the underlying cause for any imbalance. As well as all programs are designed to fit into the persons individual routine.

Yoga means “union”

Ayurveda translates as the “science of life.”

Valuable tools and insight are gained when Yoga and Ayurveda are combined. Together they provide knowledge on how to balance our lives. Originating over 5,000 years ago. Likewise they are still helping people all over the world today, to develop and maintain health and wellbeing.

Yoga Ayurveda e-books

Each program easily incorporates into daily life with a range of awareness exercises and meditative practices. As a result self-awareness of the body posture and alignment will be enhanced. Our books are specifically beneficial for anyone over the age of 40.

Compression of the joints occurs due to the force of gravity and sedentary lifestyles.  Awareness of standing, sitting and walking upright encourages healthy breathing. Likewise the internal organs, bones, blood supply,  joints, digestion and a sense of wellbeing develops.

By identifying the root cause of a symptom the quality of your life will improve Read our article on the pineal gland here.


Yoga Ayurveda e-books - Ageing Arthritis Bursitis

Ageing, Arthritis and Bursitis e-books

Ageing is one of the things in life we can be sure of. We can enjoy this process if we maintain good health.

The Yoga Ayurveda Therapy program for ageing, bursitis and arthritis is designed for a working grandmother in her early seventies. Her symptoms are stress, anxiety and overwhelm. Additionally she has instability on her feet due to the chronic arthritis in her knees and pelvis.

A recent fall and a bursitis injury in the hip was exacerbated by the instability on her feet. As a result she was left feeling anxious and timid to move around with more pain. Our e-books provide the answers to the common problems we all face with ageing

Available on iBookstore here - a  digital guide to the therapeutic use of Yoga and Ayurveda for health and fitness.

Yoga Ayurveda Therapy Sports Injuries

or on the Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet

Amazon Yoga Ayurveda Ageing book link

Bondi Yoga Therapy program Parkinsons

Parkinson's condition e-books

Our Parkinsons e-book is created for a professional family woman in her early 60's. Together with stiffness in her body from Parkinson's diagnosis and accompanying medications. As well as past breast cancer treatment which she believes was influenced by coeliac condition.

The program addresses both the physical and psychological challenges she faces. Coupled with a range of asanas (exercises) that can be done on their own or within the full sequence. After each asana she gives a testimonial as to the effects of the stretching, breathing and opening movements has on her body and mind.

Buy your Yoga Ayurveda Therapy program for Parkinson's condition here on iTunes

Yoga Ayurveda Therapy Sports Injuries

or on the Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet

Amazon Yoga Ayurveda Parkinsons

Yoga Ayurveda Therapy for Women's health

Women's Health and Fertility e-books

This Yoga Ayurveda Therapy e-book program was designed to soothe and enhance a woman's health and fertility. She is in her early 40's and was feeling anxious and worried about her future.

The program starts off with a soothing ritual to set the space for a calming practice. Pranayama or breathing methods are incorporated that will bring health and vitality as well as slow down the busyness of her mind. Likewise the practice is both strengthening and relaxing, concluding with an extended relaxation.

Buy your Yoga Ayurveda Therapy program for Women's health and fertility here

Yoga Ayurveda Therapy Sports Injuries

or or on the Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet

Amazon Yoga Ayurveda Parkinsons

Bondi Yoga Therapy for Sports injuries

Sports Injuries e-books

Sports injuries in our youth can come back and visit us as we age. Sitting for prolonged periods of time, creates blockages in the body. This e-book program was designed for a professional business man, in his early 50's. He was feeling the stressors and pain from multiple sports injuries that would ache throughout the day.

The program includes two  15-minute exercise sequences that are best practiced each morning and evening. As well as middle of the day office stretches. With the intention to alleviate accumulated stresses from sitting for hours at a time at a desk.

Buy your Yoga Ayurveda Therapy program for Sports injuries on iTunes here

Yoga Ayurveda Therapy Sports Injuries

for or or on the Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet

Amazon Yoga Ayurveda Parkinsons

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