Yoga Therapy for over 40s and Seniors

Ageing provides us with an invitation for self-transformation, space and hindsight to develop new ways of caring for ourselves to improve our wellbeing. Our Yoga Works for Over 40s is also suitable for seniors.

Zoe our Yoga Ayurveda Therapist is a Senior and she has used these tools to transition throughout the changes in life. She understands how our bodies change with time and has some great tips to share with you.

People with special needs, recovering from illness or injury, seniors and NDIS recipients are all also welcome. However, please note In some more specialised situations one-on-one yoga therapy may be suggested.

What you will experience

The Yoga Therapy for over 40’s online classes are for 30-45 minutes including a short relaxation.

You will learn breathing practices known as kriyas and bandhas, as well as practice gentle exercises integrated with the breath.

More importantly we guide you to develop a sustainable practice that you can start at home.

Therefore with Yoga and Ayurveda therapy you will get the most out of life.

You can read about the 7 Benefits of Yoga for Seniors here.

Yoga Seniors North Bondi

Yoga therapy suits seniors and NDIS are welcome

 Yoga Ayurveda Therapies focus is on the individual and is especially suited for those over 40.

Our focus is on providing a class that is strengthening and stretching for the over 40’s and seniors. You will leave feeling like they have had a deep internal massage.

Yoga combining Ayurveda is a complete therapy

Zoe Campbell, Yoga Ayurveda Therapist – has over 2 decades of practice and teaching Yoga and Ayurveda.

Just as the ocean moves with the moon – so do we – as we transition through life.

bondi yoga therapy

Zoe Campbell Yoga Ayurveda Therapist

Zoe lives Yoga and Ayurveda as a Therapy & has studied these practices since 1984. 

Yoga combined with Ayurveda is a complete practice (as traditionally taught).

Yoga is for every one – but sadly there are too few students from over 40 in contemporary classes. Our Yoga is suitable also for over 40’s, seniors and NDIS recipients.

Zoe is a senior, mother, a Hi-Tech-Yogi & business owner.

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Read how to be prepared here

The Yoga and Nidra were fantastic. My left hip and lower back were tight before the class and afterwards I felt a lot of relief. I will be back next week!

The yoga over 40’s Bondi class was so relaxing and the cues to keep focusing on the breath and body helped. The Yoga Nidra was amazing I went into a deep meditation. Together they were a good balance. Nalani x

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