Dosha Food Guidelines

Foods to eat and not to eat that best suit your digestive system

Do not eat the No’s as they Aggravate Dosha – NO

Do eat the Yes’s as they Balances Dosha   – YES

Fruits No Yes No Yes No Yes
Dried fruits sweet fruits sour fruits sweet fruits sweet & sour fruits apples
apples apricots apricots apples avocado apricots
cranberries avocado berries avocado bananas berries
pears bananas cherries coconut coconut cherries
persimmon berries cranberries figs figs (fresh) cranberries
pomegranate cherries grape fruit grapes (dark) grapefruit figs (dry)
watermelon coconut bananas mango grapes] mango
Note: fruits and fruits juices are best consumed by themselves for all doshas figs (fresh) grapes (green) melons lemons peaches
grapefruit lemons oranges (sweet) melons pears
lemons oranges (sour) pears oranges persimmon
mango papaya pineapples (sweet) papaya pomegranate
melons (sweet) peaches plums (sweet) pineapples prunes
oranges pineapples (sour) pomegranate plums raisins
papaya persimmon prunes dates strawberries ]
peaches plums (sour) raisins kiwis]
pineapples kiwis ] berries (sweet) lemons
plums papaya coconut limes
raisins (soaked) peaches dates melons
kiwi rhubarb figs rhubarb
rhubarb raisins watermelon
limes strawberries grapes (sweet)
strawberries watermelon
frozen, dried or raw vegetables broccoli] cooked vegetables pungent vegetables sweet & bitter vegetables sweet & juicy vegetables pungent & bitter vegetables
brussel sprouts asparagus beets asparagus cucumber asparagus
cabbage beets carrots ] broccoli potatoes(sweet) beets
cauliflower carrots eggplant ] Brussels sprouts tomatoes broccoli
celery cucumber garlic cabbage zucchini brussel sprouts
eggplant garlic onions cucumber squash cabbage
leafy greens ] green beans peppers (hot) cauliflower pumpkin carrots
lettuce ] okra (cooked) radishes celery olives (black or green) cauliflower
mushrooms onion (cooked) spinach ] green beans parsnip ] celery
onions (raw) potato (sweet) tomatoes leafy greens artichoke ] eggplant
parsley ] radishes leeks cooked ] lettuce garlic
peas zucchini onions cooked ] mushrooms leafy greens
peppers butternut squash pumpkin ] okra lettuce
potatoes white leeks (cooked) peas mushrooms
spinach ] mustard greens parsley okra
sprouts ] olives (black & green) peppers (green) onions
tomatoes parsnip potatoes sweet & white parsley
 **in moderation with oil or dressing corn ** squash peas
artichoke ** artichoke peppers
parsley ** fresh corn potatoes (white)
turnips ** olives (black) radish
parsnip spinach
sprouts sprouts
watercress fresh corn
green beans
GRAINS No Yes No Yes No Yes
cold, dry, puffed cereals
barley oats (cooked) buckwheat barley oats (cooked) barley
granola wild rice oat bran rice cakes buckwheat
buckwheat all rice corn oats (cooked) rice (brown) corn
corn wheat millet rice (basmati) rice (white) millet
millet oats (dry) rice (white) wheat oats (dry)
oats (dry) rice (brown) wheat rice (basmati small amount with clove or peppercorn)
rye rye wheat bran rye
rice cakes oat granola wheat granola granola (low fat)
wheat bran oat bran
wheat bran
lamb beef beef chicken or turkey (white meat) beef chicken or turkey (dark meat)
pork chicken or turkey (white meat) eggs (yolk) eggs (white) lamb
rabbit eggs (fried or scrambled) lamb rabbit pork eggs (not fried or scrambled)
venison duck & duck eggs pork freshwater fish ] seafood rabbit
seafood venison freshwater fish ] shrimp
seafood duck shrimp (small amount) venison
LEGUMES No Yes ê No Yes No Yes
** in moderation aduki beans black lentils, aduki beans black lentils aduki beans
black lentils red lentils black beans mung beans black beans
mung beans tur dal black eyed peas kidney beans black eyed peas
red lentils no lentils chana dal common lentils chana dal
soy cheese garbanzos soy beans garbanzos
soy milk kidney beans cold soy milk lima beans
tofu, common lentils soy cheese pinto beans
tur dal lima beans soy flour red lentils
mung beans soy powder hot soy milk]
navy beans tempeh split peas
pinto beans cold tofu hot tofu **
soy beans tur dal
soy products soy cheesesoy flour **soy milk white beans
spilt peas
white beans
NUTS & SEEDS No Yes NO Yes No Yes
SEEDS all seeds are OK in moderation sunflower sunflower sunflower chia
psyllium ** pumpkin pumpkin ** psyllium flax **
coconut psyllium pumpkin **
sunflower **
white sugar barley all are OK barley malt syrup barely malt syrup raw honey
malt syrup jaggery honey brown rice syrup fruit juice concentrate esp apple and pear
fruit juice concentrates honey** brown rice syrup fructose
sugar cane juice molasses maple syrup jaggery
brown rice syrup fruit juice concentrate maple syrup
fructose fructose molasses
honey sugar cane juice sugar cane juice
jaggery white sugar] white sugar
maple syrup raw honey
CONDIMENTS  No Yes No Yes No Yes
chilli pepper** black pepper** black sesame seeds black pepper ** black sesame seeds black pepper
ginger (dry) ** black sesame seeds chilli peppers coconut coconut chilli pepper
ketchup coconut daikon radish] coriander leaves dulse in moderation coriander leaves
onion raw coriander leaves** garlic dulse well rinsed hijiiki ** daikon radish
sprouts daikon radish ginger hijiki (well rinsed) kelp garlic
garlic gomasio kombu ketchup ginger (dry)
ginger (fresh) horseradish lettuce kombu ** horseradish
gomasio kelp mango chutney lemon lettuce
hijiki ketchup mint leaves lime pickle mint leaves
horseradish mustard sprouts mango chutney mustard
kelp lemon mango pickles onions
kombu lime mayonnaise radish
lemon lime pickle papaya chutney sprouts
lettuce ** mango pickle pickles
lime mayonnaise salt
lime pickle onions (esp. raw) seaweeds * well rinsed
mango chutney papaya chutney sesame seeds
mango pickle pickles soy sauce
mayonnaise radish tamari
mint leaves** salt in excess
mustard seaweed, un rinsed (in excess)
onion (cooked) sesame seeds
papaya chutney soy sauce
pickles tamari **
sesame seeds
soy sauce
DAIRY No Yes No Yes No Yes
goat milk powdered all dairy in moderation Buttermilk butter (unsalted) no dairy except ghee and goatmilk ghee
grated cheese cheese cottage cheese cottage cheese goats milk
ghee sour cream ghee grated cheese diluted yoghurt (1:4 pts or more with water)
cottage cheese yoghurt milk yoghurt
buttermilk grated cheese cheeses buttermilk
cows milk yoghurt undiluted cows milk cows milk
hard cheese feta cheeses goats milk ice cream
soft cheese sour cream yoghurt sour cream
goat milk liquid yoghurt
goat cheese
OILS No Yes No Yes No Yes
all oils are good almond coconut no oils except, almond, corn, or sunflower in small amounts
corn olive
safflower sunflower
sesame soy
SPICES No Yes No Yes No Yes
neem leaves ajwan ajwan fresh basil leaves * almond extract * ajwan
all spice all spice black pepper * amchoor allspice
almond extract * almond extract * cardamom* tamarind anise
amchoor amchoor cinnamon * asafoetida
anise anise coriander basil
asafoetida asafoetida cumin bay leaf
basil basil dill black pepper
bay leaf bay leaf fennel caraway
horseradish mint cardamom
black pepper caraway * neem leaves cayenne
caraway cayenne orange peel * cinnamon
cardamom cloves parsley * cloves
cayenne * fenugreek peppermint coriander
cinamon garlic (esp raw) rose water cumin
cloves ginger saffron dill
coriander horseradish spearmint fennel *
cumin mace turmeric fenugreek
dill majoram vanilla * garlic
fennel mustard seeds wintergreen ginger (dry esp)
fenugreek * nutmeg horseradish
garlic onion cooked mace
ginger oregano marjoram
orange peel paprika mint
mace pippali mustard seeds
majoram poppy seeds * neem leaves
mint rosemary nutmeg
mustard seeds sage onion
nutmeg savory orange pool
onion cooked star anise oregano
orange peel tamarind paprika
oregano tarragon * parsley
paprika thyme peppermint
parsley pippali
peppermint poppy seeds
pippali rosemary
poppy seeds rose water
rosemary saffron
rose water sage
saffron savory
sage spearmint
savory star anise
spearmint tarragon
star anise thyme
tamarind turmeric
tarragon vanilla *
thyme wintergreen

]in moderation

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