Vata Pacifying Impressions


Vata dosha imbalance has many unpleasant symptoms and side effects. Learn to balance your Vata and calm yourself inside and out.

 Nature: sitting or walking quietly and peacefully by a garden, forest, river, lake or ocean particularly where it is warm and bright.


1               Sound – calming music and chanting, classical music, chanting, peaceful silence

2               Touch – gentle and warming touch or massage, using warm oils like sesame or almond. Massage into the body from head to feet and shower off after 15 minutes.

3               Sight – bright and calming colours like combinations of gold, orange, blue, green, white.

4               Taste – rich and nourishing food abounding in sweet, salty and sour tastes, with moderate use of spices.

5               Smell – sweet, warm, calming and clearing fragrances like jasmine, rose, sandalwood, eucalyptus.

Activity – gentle exercise, Hatha yoga, Tai Chi, swimming, hot tubs, (but do not stay in too long), relaxation, more sleep.

Pranayama: – alternate nostril breathing. As Vata is an active force, alternate nostril breathing (nadisodhana) brings balance. (see attached instructions)

Emotional – cultivating peace, contentment, fearlessness and patience; releasing fear and anxiety, having the support of good friends and family with regular social interaction.

Mental – anti-Vata mantra concentration exercises, strengthening memory. (see attached instructions)

Spiritual – meditation on a strong benefic, happy or peaceful deity of your choice with prayers for peace and protection, developing discrimination and insight.

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