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Yoga and Ayurveda as a Therapy

Traditionally Yoga and Ayurveda compliment each other and form a complete therapy for body, mind and spirit. Likewise the focus is on each person as an individual. Together we look at your strengths and weaknesses, current lifestyle and digestive challenges as well as your physical posture and condition. Yoga and Ayurveda combined is a complete lifestyle with tips and guidelines that will change your life.

Surprisingly most people do not know what they put into their body via their senses – mouth, ears, nose, eyes, skin and mind actually effects their health! This means they can be poisoning themselves daily and wonder why they are suffering. In the world of technology there is a saying garbage in garbage out – GIGO. However your childhood experiences can play out in your present day behaviours. 

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Ayurveda is a proven and ancient wisdom

Modern day treatments only take just a piece of this ancient wisdom as a cure for an imbalance. This is temporary and disempowering, creating a costly dependence on the therapist. Zoe our Senior Yoga Ayurveda therapist has incorporated this ancient wisdom into her life for the past 30 years.

Zoe lives and breathes Yoga and Ayurveda. She will help you to diagnose your dosha and provide recommendations to integrate into your every day life. Receive the guidance and support to return to a state of balance. We use only naturally sustainable methods with no nasty side effects.

A personalised Yoga Ayurveda therapy program encourages and support you to set up a daily practise. Also we show you how to eat food that suits your digestive system. Undigested food becomes toxic in the system and affects the body as well as the mind.

Yoga and Ayurveda

What is Yoga Ayurveda Therapy?

Therapeutic yoga appears to be extremely safe and adjusted to each student. Beyond medical conditions, the yoga therapist factors in the client’s overall level of fitness, stamina, frailty, and specific needs. Yoga and Ayurveda therapy looks at the lifestyle and desires for therapeutic outcomes.

Yoga Ayurveda therapy uses various yoga practices such as poses, relaxation breathing and meditation. This helps people with a wide variety of health conditions, both physical and psychological. It can be a useful adjunct to medical care or, in some cases, in place of conventional approaches.

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Typically, private Yoga Ayurveda therapy consultations include the following:

It is important to differentiate between a general yoga class conducted by a yoga teacher and yoga therapy. In this way, Yoga Therapy is similar to other healthcare modalities. In the one-on-one setting, the level of assessment can be detailed. This allows for a tailored treatment plan to suit the client.

Clients who may be frail or for whom standard yoga practices may be contraindicated benefit from the individual approach. Also the patients themselves must do the practices to gain the benefits, all that is required for successful yoga therapy is :-

1. Conducting an intake consultation or reviewing an intake form. As well as reports from healthcare practitioners that include current treatment, including medications etc.

2. Assessing the current health condition based on Yoga Ayurveda therapy principles

3. Identifying underlying causes of the presenting condition from the Yoga Ayurveda therapy perspective

4. Discussing any lifestyle or digestive challenges

5. Conducting a physical strengths and weaknesses assessment

Yoga therapy usually involves a number of consultations with the yoga therapist. Follow up sessions allow the therapist to refine the plan to ensure the student has been practicing in an appropriate way. As well as address any new concerns that may have arisen in the interim. In the process of teaching the routine to the client, the therapist will sometimes determine they need to make modifications.

yoga ayurveda therapy

Common challenges to follow Yoga Ayurveda Therapy guidelines

A common challenge in yoga therapy is patient compliance. A few words from the referring clinician may help motivate patients to continue their yoga program. Yoga therapy is usually an adjunctive therapy. Likewise they should continue with their other treatments under the care of their healthcare practitioners.

Yoga therapy consultations are typically several days to a few weeks apart. A yoga therapy program with recommendations to practice (at home, work, or elsewhere). As well as the program may be written or video recorded to support the patient. Many clients have three or four consultations over a number of weeks.

In some instances, a healthcare practitioner and yoga therapist may believe that a patient is best served by regular therapeutic sessions. These can happen once a week over a number of months.

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Healthcare referrals for Yoga Ayurveda Therapy

Healthcare providers do not need to have an in-depth understanding of yoga to make skilful referrals to yoga therapists. A yoga therapist will safely adapt practices to meet the needs of individual students. Also different yoga approaches vary enormously, it is generally not incumbent on the referring clinician to specify which yoga tools to avoid, rather the yoga therapist.

If the referring clinician provides general guidelines about his or her concerns, the yoga therapist can figure out which practices should be omitted or modified. For example; a patient with diabetic retinopathy, the yoga therapist could be advised to avoid any practices that increase intraocular pressure.

Ayurveda everyday tips

Yoga means union between the mind and body

For optimal health and wellbeing, integrate Yoga and Ayurveda into your daily routine. Learn to listen and respond to your bodies needs with love and respect. Learn how you can blend Yoga into your life without too much effort and reap the benefits.

To give is to receive and I believe it is wise to share your knowledge only to those who are honest open and willing to receive.

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