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Seniors Yoga therapy “live” online classes

A Yoga therapist has undergone extensive training with the pre-requisite of several years of experience as yoga teacher.. Yoga therapy is not a passive form of yoga –   each individual takes responsibility for their daily living. Our seniors yoga “live” online classes are followed by a Q&A. The focus is for people who are over their 40s. Our intention is to provide younger students to develop the tools to manage life’s changes.

Improving the health of your body and mind

A regular practice of Yoga therapy will provide you with many benefits as follows-

  • calming the nervous system
  • emotional balance
  • increased confidence
  • a massage of the internal organs (the 2nd brain),
  • revitalising the whole body
  • improved circulation, digestion, relief from stress and pain.
Zoe Yoga therapist

What is a Yoga therapist?

A Yoga therapist modifies a private practice to address the strengths, weaknesses and health condition of the student. We work with each persons individual needs while adjusting postures – such as using a chair if need be.

Yoga therapy can benefit people with Parkinson’s condition. Listen to Joanne’s experiences with Yoga therapy.

Joanne shares her experiences how Yoga Therapy helps with Parkinson’s condition

There are many benefits to committing to a regular yoga practice

Zoe Campbell studied to be a Yoga teacher in 1990. She wanted to increase her knowledge and learn to combine Yoga and Ayurveda. In 2004 Zoe travelled to India and studied to become a Yoga therapist. Over the next several years she went back and forth to India to study Ayurveda. 2016 she took a Graduate Certificate in Yoga therapy in Australia. She has loves to be immersed in the ‘science of life’.

As a busy professional in the computer industry, Zoe’s health and wellbeing has benefited from incorporating Yoga and Ayurveda into life and goal is to share this knowledge with you. She does this by combining both Yoga and Ayurveda and teaching classes to integrate into a daily routine. They are Good Morning Yoga, Lunchtime Chair Yoga and Sleepy time Yoga therapy.

Read our blog post here on the 7 Benefits of Yoga for seniors.

Yoga therapist for computer coaching and digital detox

As the founder of Computer Coach Australia, Zoe is fully aware of the dangers of sedentary sitting for prolonged periods in front of a computer screen.  Digital detox, sleep hygiene, postural awareness, breathing, stretching, strengthening and meditation are the topics she loves to share.

Weaving tips from the wholistic and natural practices of Ayurveda into her classes is her thing. If these tips she shares are followed on a daily basis the common conditions and complaints people experience will disappear.

yoga therapist technology addiction

Learn about the effects of technology on the pineal gland.

As a senior Yoga Ayurveda therapist, Zoe founded Yoga Works for Over 40s to offer her experience, strength and hope to those over 40. Zoe is enthusiastically driven to share her love and knowledge of her skills and experience. Zoe helps busy people bring balance into their lives. Read how Yoga provides natural relief from anxiety here.

Make profound changes to your life with the many beautiful and sustainable every day health practices of Yoga combined with Ayurveda

Yoga for Seniors Bondi

About Yoga Therapy

Our classes are perfect for seniors. Each class comes right into your home “live-on-line.” The Morning and Lunchtime classes are followed by a Q and A. If you have tried Yoga and thought it not for you don’t give up on this natural way to health.

Yoga and Ayurveda is suitable for everyone no matter what stage of life or challenges.

As a matter of fact there is the option to book a private Yoga therapy practice. We work closely with your individual needs, strengths, weaknesses and lifestyle challenges. A Yoga therapist is trained to design a daily program that fits into your life. Each program can include exercises, breathing, mediation and with practices based on Ayurveda and supplied with video footage instructions.

Call us on +61 407 956071 or email for more information .

By Zoe

Yoga Ayurveda Therapist | Computer Coach Australia - Modern day women using the ancient tools and techniques to bring balance in the digital world

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